Thursday, February 9, 2012

Teasing Twilight Fans

I visited Terri Gold's blog to read her post about the new Twilight dolls.  Yes, Edward and Bella. Shudder. Mr. Ghastly and Ms. Quantum Whine. I still whimper in my sleep from the memory of the first Twilight movie. I haven't suffered so since I tried to read a Barbara Cartland romance. Shudder. Bleech!

Terri mentions the deadly dull duo as being "the dead and the soon to be dead." The problem is that they both keep popping up. Dead and soon-to-be-dead. Sigh. I mean, come on. Where are their manners? Someone ought to tell them that dead means dead. Shush and finito. The End.

No ... some people never learn a lesson. My suggestion? Let's get some stakes going and some Vampire Slayers out. Evil - read "desperate" - cackles emerge. Sorry. I couldn't resist ... the gown does look lovely. And there will be a "special" DVD package coming out February 11, 2012.


Vanessa said...

So tell us how you really feel about these two.

Heather said...

I am totally with you! I saw the first movie in theaters with friends... and it was the most frightening movie-going experience I've ever had.
Every time Edward came on the screen, there was this synchronized release of pre-teen giggles... it was... so scary...

My favorite part, though, was standing in line for the movie. Behind us was this 40-ish man, standing there alone, looking very uncomfortable. The minute we made eye contact, he says, "I'm here with my daughter, I swear!" LOL!!! Poor guy. He really was, too, she'd just gone to fill their soda.

The real question, though, is, are they going to make their daughter, who is possibly the WORST named fictional character of modern times... Renesmee.

miladyblue said...

Hi D7ana,

An online friend of mine with teenaged granddaughters who are WILD about Twilight sent me THIS lovely bit of anti-Twi:

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: what a laugh with that dead means dead. Very ironic your reflection. I do not like the Twilight type issues but I know they have a large audience. Great! Keep in touch

D7ana said...

@Vanessa, lol. The gown looks good.

@Heather, I pity any child of that union. Sincerely - shudder.

@MiladyBlue, lol. I would get that tee shirt. I would.

@Marta, yes, Twilight is very popular. I shouldn't mock it; some people do find it "deep." Sigh. And everyone has rights to his or her tastes.

Dollz4Moi said...

Ok I'm so with you when the vampire "sparkled" in the sun I was done. I so wanted to stake both him and the girl just to make the movie end. I'm still confused as to how the Sparkler has a fan base. I guess I should really read the rest of the book(s) huh?..NOT

For the fans I really can't apologize but hey it's your $$. I'm glad I didn't spend $$ to see these movies :O)

D7ana said...

I forgot about the awful sparkling bit, Dollz4moi! Oh so cruel of you to remind me - lol, kidding of course! I am grateful that I did not pay a penny to see the movie. Someone showed me a copy. That was the only time I wanted money back for a movie I had not even paid for. Gggrrrrr ...!

I've heard that the books are "better" - do I believe that? No and no again.

I've seen silly vampires and serious ones, but I'd never wanted to stake a vampire as much as I did Edward. I rooted for the other vampire team only to get infuriated that they were too incompetent.

Thanks for helping me enjoy my snarkiness.