Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mattel's Village of the Damned Dolls

Well, Mattel never called them that - of course - but I have noticed that at least four of their dolls have odd silvery eyes. Eerie eyes ... that bypass race (Keeya is Black; Kayla is probably Latina) and gender. No, they don't have blond hair like the Children in the movie. But their eyes do stand out more than other doll eyes. Striking. So I gathered them together for a group photo. Those of you familiar with the classic film and its sequels, let me know your opinion.

The Village of the Damned Barbies include:

Fashion Fever Barbie (Wave K, 2005)

Amazing Nails Kayla (2001)

Babysitter Keeya (2002)

Awards Liam (2003)


Niel Camhalla said...

I saw once a person with big gray eyes and I thought it was beautiful yet hunting like there's a hidden wickedness.

I didn't get that sense of wickedness from Mattel's doll, at least not from the ones you have posted. Some other feature like (the smile) balances it out.:)

When you said eerie eyes, the 1st doll that came to mind was one of the Basics. The eyes really seem cold. The red hot tomato lips balances it out, I think. :)

D7ana said...

The silver-eyed dolls seem less wicked than unusual, bewitching to me. They don't seem exactly gray or blue. Sort of no-colored, mercurial ...

Guess I spend too much time looking at my dolls, lol.

Thanks for that link showing that Barbie Basics. She does have cool eyes.