Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prongs aka Harpoon Connectors on Mattel Fashion Dolls

Below is a photo illustrating what I meant by "a prong on top of a blob." Usually, Barbie's necks are topped by a small tapering knob. With the Flavas girls and some other fashion dolls, the neck ends and instead of just a knob, there is a blob of "flesh" on which a brown harpoon-looking device is fixed. So fitting a new head to the body is that much more trickier since the new head has to cover both the prong AND the flesh blob.


AilanthusAltissima said...

Thanks for this visual reference. Do you have any idea why they put a hook on top of the knob? Does it seem to serve a structural purpose of any kind? Does the hook latch on to anything inside of the head?

I seldom do body swaps and I have a very hard time decapitating dolls and then getting the head back on.

D7ana said...

Hi Kim! I have no idea why Mattel attached the head like that. Bizarre, bizzare, bizzare, LOL. I can't see a structural reason for it.

Anonymous said...

It's meant to do exactly that-make head swaps harder, presumably to cut down on the possibility of little kids chewing/potentially choking on?/making pencil toppers out of the heads.

D7ana said...

Hi amystika18n! I had not considered that the to-me-annoying device was intended to protect young doll owners. Hmmm ... I'll have more tolerance for it henceforth.

(Did you imagine you'd read "henceforth" in a sentence online today? Never know what I'll say ;-D)