Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Do Exist - Asian Playscale Men

I've always been grateful for the diversity among playscale action figures.

At first, I just wanted GUYS for my female dolls. (OMG that sounds awful ... the Kenization of action figures!) That's how I began looking down the green aisle or the action figure section of toy stores and online shops. I didn't like the early Kens and there was only Ken and Brad and then Ken and Curtis so I got G.I. Joes and other 12" male action figures. Then I noticed something: action figures represent Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern guys as well as White guys and Black guys.

I gathered twelve of my finest Asian male figures - two are missing from this photo because they are still boxed - M & C Hung and bbi Elite Forces Asian. Hung has been photographed; he's in my M & C folder on Webshots. I will upload the Elite Forces Asian guy's photo later this week. Please view both photos because all twelve are not visible in both photos.

Happy viewing!


Niel Camhalla said...

What a great collection! I'm envious. That's Mr Zulu way behind, right? Cute!

I really appreciate action figure manufacturers' attempt to get as close as possible to reality (even if they mostly have the same body sculpt).

D7ana said...

Thanks! Two words: online shopping. Sure, I got Mr. Sulu, Li Shang, the Japanese soldier, the Asian Joe in the rear, and the two Power Team guys here from local stores. BUT Wai Sir in the bright shirt, Ueda in the blue Kenwear, Jackie Chan, Michael Chan in gray suit, hunky Hot Toys Asian figure behind Michael, and Hrithik over on the far left all came from online shops. Plus Hung and my Elite Force guy. The Internet has been a blessing to collectors.

I love the faces on the action figures so much, I don't mind the same body sculpt. If I want the figure to appear heavier, I could order a "fat suit."

Dirty Old Dawg said...

I love your Asian male collection, D7, and the explanation of how / why you began collecting male figures. My favorite is the Asian G.I. Joe; I just love his headsculpt.
--Dave G.

D7ana said...

Thanks for looking, Dave G!

The G.I. Joe in the Asian Playscale Men photo is the "Special Response Team" from 2004. He does stand out although he's in the back - his brows are so heavy and he has fuller features.

I got him from a Target for about $3.88 or so. Honest. That was a few years ago, but it was a sweet deal ;-D I still smile when I see him.

Anonymous said...

I love your Asian males! I don't have has many as you. I only add a new male when I add a new female. I don't like my dolls to be single too long. They will start causing problems in doll world. I do have a Bruce Lee with hands that can be changed. I have an Asian OOAK male. He is OOAK because I have him a new body. He has a tanned Ken body and a Max Steel Vitriol head. The head fits pretty well too. He is one of my favorites because of his looks and because I made him. I feel he is a OOAK even if all I did was change the head!


D7ana said...

LC, thanks for viewing them.

I look forward to possibly finding new Asian male figures in BigLots - if we should get any new figures locally. Fingers crossed. Hope so.

kristl said...

This post is great. Too much info to process - but great anyway. I know how to get back here as my knowledge increases. I agree that the diversity among action figures is remarkable.

D7ana said...

Thanks for looking, Kristl! Glad you found this post helpful.