Sunday, April 1, 2012

D7ana Stopped by Target - Oh No!

I went by another Target today. I know that sounds like the start of a really bad, terribly sad tale in which money was exchanged for a new doll or dolls. I am supposed to be selling. NOT b-u-y-i-n-g.

But ... I have not been able to resist popping into various Targets since they started that StarDoll sale. I tell myself, the cat needs treats. He has to have them, or he won't go to sleep at night. So I have to go to Targets. What kind of cat owner/servant would I be if my poor starving cat did not have his treats from Targets?

(Aside. Yes, he has me trained. Well, mostly. Sometimes I have to put my size 10s down and resist those big green eyes. Like when I need to eat. Sorry Louie. Oh, who am I fooling? What is all this blathering about the cat, but an evasion of the inevitable confession?)

Okay, me at Target. What did I see? StarDolls, yes! But what else did I see? Blythe's Littlest Pet Shop. Moxie Girls. Oh and the cat treats. But I doubt anyone else is interested in them. Except the cat. And he has no interest in reading about cat treats; he just wants them there when he's hungry.

Still blathering. Okay, I have photos. Such cuties there were there today at Target. I'll let you guess which if any of these dolls I bought today. They are Blythe's Littlest Pet Shop Autumn Glam

and the Horse Riding Club Moxie Girls

Remember, today is April 1st. Stop by tomorrow and I'll reveal all.


Vanessa said...

Since it's an April 1st post, I am going to guess you don't even have a cat. LOL! I like the Moxie girls, but I refuse to start buying any other doll for clothes. I have yet to go to Target, but I think I will stop by and look at a few Stardolls clothes. I did buy one online because is low on dolls that I want and I wasn't about to let my $20 coupon go to waste. I'll check back to see if you bought any thing.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Janay is really pretty with that hairstyle. I like the Horse Riding Club Moxie Girls. Dolls are adorable. Keep in touch.

Alrunia said...

If your cat did like reading about cat treats online.. well, it reminded me of this. :)

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa, Marta, and Alrunia!

Oh, I do have a cat. He hasn't let me know that he can read print, but he wields his magic against humans. His name is Louie. I'll upload a photo of him later. So, no, that wasn't the April Fool's part ;-)

The answer as to whether or not I bought either the Autumn Glam Blythe or the Horse Riding Club Moxie Girls is NEITHER. Nope. That was the April Fools part. That I would get either of them at this time.

Autumn Glam almost got me with her fiery mane and biggest of eyes, but I managed to withstand her charms. And yes, you have it in pixels, me confessing to find a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe charming and cute.

The Moxie Girls are cute, too, though less so than the mini Blythes. They are more everyday cute.

P.S. Thanks for that link, Alrunia. I like "I was an Honor Student. I don't know what happened."

But I did get a new doll. I'll introduce her in a separate post though.