Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barbie Finds at Big Lots

Yesterday at the Big Lots outside Franklin Mills Mall, I saw two of the Barbie Disco dolls:

Happy Birthday, Gorgeous Barbie (Blonde)

Celebrate, Disco Doll! Barbie (Brown hair)

Each doll cost $12.99. A friend picked up the Celebrate, Disco Doll! (African American) for me for my birthday; she saw a few of them at the Norristown Big Lots. These dolls seem to have the Model Muse body - extra thin.

The Franklin Mills Mall also had two My Scene Masquerade Madness outfits, for $1.00 EACH. They were the last two out at the time, and I got them. Hudson's boxing outfit and Ellis' pirate outfit. The other two outfits, Sutton's vampire outfit and River's rock star outfit, might be available at another Big Lots.

Note: the Norristown Big Lots has a larger toy section than the Franklin Mills store.

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