Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Photo - Nadja, Lukas, Mai

I may retake this photo again ... but I like it for now so I'll leave it.

Nadja is balancing on a log while Lukas and Mai watch.

Maybe next time, I'll take them outside. Hmmm ....


Niel Camhalla said...

They look like they were already outside but I was thinking why you said you wanted to take them outside. I realized from the bigger version that there's a screen that separates them from the outside. ^_^

People taking pictures of dolls in public usually get weird stares from other people. I usually take a friend with me to keep me from feeling too embarrassed.

D7ana said...

I forgot that that window had a screen until I saw the photo larger.

I was inspired by your outdoor photos and some Super Cool Dollhouse photos. I love the way the sunlight hits the dolls outside. Sigh, guess I'll have to weather the weird stares if I want to take outside photos.

BlackDollEnthusiast said...

This is a great photo. It really does appear that the dolls are already outside.

D. Garrett

D7ana said...

That's what I like about this photo, that the dolls seemed to be outside.

I was redressing Nadja when her arms extended out. Looked like she was balancing herself or pretending to be an airplane. That's when the photo idea occurred to me ... Nadja balancing on a log in the pre-summer season.

Thanks for commenting on the photo. I'm glad to read that others like it, too ;-D