Monday, March 2, 2009

Photos Added to D7ana Webshots Account

I've updated my Webshots account to include some Dragon figures. The link is

D7ana Webshots

Thanks for looking.


E. A said...

Who's this guy? He looks like a DID X2 Boy, but he was in the Dragon section.

I think the focus might be off on your camera. The close-ups tend to be blurry!

Would you mind taking me a good picture of his profile and back view? I am curious to see his hair. Where did you get the X2s?

D7ana said...

Yes, he's one of the DID X2Boys. I lucked out and got him from Old Joe Infirmary when they sold him nude. I put him, Lamar, and Hassan in the Dragon folder because I thought Dragon in Dreams was a division of Dragon.

Thanks for the tip about the blurry close-ups. I checked the reasons for blurry photos taken by a Kodak EasyShare CX7300; probably, I moved the camera. Time to invest in a tripod.

I'll be happy to take clearer photos to show his profile, face again, and back of his head. His molded hair resembles small black and brown meatballs set in rows. His knotted style is original as far as I have seen.

The DID XBoys came from Old Joe Infirmary a few years ago.