Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring-Summer 2009 Momokos - Look if You Dare

On the GoGoMomoko Yahoo Group list, Larraine sent the first alert about a new batch of Momokos. Eric and Lisa supplied the URLs for the web page for English speakers and for another web page showing more lovely Momoko dolls.

Current Momokos

Against my better judgement, I looked and now would like to add Preppy Girl, Honey Wild, and possibly Fruits of Passion to my collection.

Moving from the "Lineup" link to the "Special" link, there's another version of Spring Forest this one called Sky and two new Wake-Up dolls, 5 and 6.

Special Momokos

Ah such riches.


E. A said...

I like the pinafore with the apron over it. It reminds me of Antique Dreaming, only less sumptuous. Then again, I like the historically approximate clothes.

Pssst, 'ja see what I did with yer nun habit?

D7ana said...

The pinafore one is cute: she's called Natural Days per the English site. I got Antique Dreaming on sale - just love the crimpy or curly haired dolls, sigh. Sigh for the price and my current budget.

Wow, Michaela looks cute in that outfit. Thanks for sending the link!