Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deboxed Cheetah Girls in Webshots Folder

Finally deboxed the PlayAlong Cheetah Girls. I have a few photos of them in a new Webshots folder.

I like their faces, but their hair is a little sparse in the back. They have different types of boots - but each has at least one pair of T-strap high heels that fit them well. The clothes are less than average quality: mostly velcro closures AND cheap, polyester fabric. Oh and never have I seen so much leopard wear in ONE doll collection.


Niel said...

I noticed that Playalong is more into celebrity dolls. Do they have a new head mold for every celebrity?

D7ana said...

Since Jakks Pacific acquired PlayAlong, the celebrity head sculpts are unique to the celebrity. Back in 2001 though PlayAlong produced Britney Spears, Venus Williams, and Serena Williams dolls who all seemed to share the same head mold.

@ebonynicole81 said...

I think the Cheetah Girls are ugly! But I do love their clothes!

D7ana said...

You know how their hands are bent so that they have that permanent arms akimbo look? Uh, the ladies are taking their stand. "Character, dawlings." They say they gots "character." LOL

I am glad that they feel that they are tbe belles at the ball. ;-D

If you like leopard - as they do - check my Kiyoni Brown photos. She looks great in leopard (and, yes, I'm thinking she'll get some of those Cheetah fashion.)