Friday, September 27, 2013

One World Dolls Prettie Girls A-Coming - Thanks, Sandra!

Sandra Bernal of The Doll Cafe shared exciting news on the So in Style Facebook page: the Prettie Girls by One World Dolls will be arriving November 2013 according to this new article. Shriek. The expected price per doll will be between $16-$18 each. Not a bad price for fully dressed and articulated fashion dolls. Shriek. "New" articulated, playscale fashion dolls!

The One World Dolls website also includes promotional items like Prettie Girls tee shirts, water bottles, and coffee mugs. Nice for those interested in branded items, but not something I would buy. Show me the photos of the fashion dolls - not the cartoons but the actual dolls - I'm excited again. Here are refresher links showing each of the dolls in case you missed my earlier post on them:

African American Lena

Hispanic Valencia

Caucasian Alexie

Middle Eastern/Indian Dahlia

African Kimani

Additional news about this doll series can be found online. The One World Doll Project's mission reminds me of Kenya doll's mission. Positivity for girls. Then again, ethnic fashion dolls and action figures - especially those produced by ethnic manufacturers - tend to stress pride in ethnic/racial identity.

Suspicious because these dolls were to have been produced two years ago? Or maybe you do not like the face sculpt? Still not thrilled? Think of the re-bodying potentials ... evil cackle.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for the update on the "new" planned release of the One World Prettie dolls. Like you, I want to see actual photos and want to see them on the market and readily available. I have read about planned releases for nearly two years now. In other words, "show me the money," because "seeing is believing."

If they actually materialize in November, I say good market strategy because they'll be "just in time for Christmas" doll-buying consumers.


Vanessa said...

Drumming my fingers on my desk.....Waiting....

MissSpottyJane said...

I'm glad to hear these are back on. I won't get too worked up until they start showing up in real life. I know One World was rubbing shoulders with reality TV stars a few months ago, so I'm glad that Prettie Girls is still going forward as its own entity, and not getting rebranded and tied to a flash-in-the-pan TV show.

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks for commenting DBG, Vanessa, and MissSpottyJane!

What's surprised me is that they seem to have had the dolls produced - well, prototypes perhaps - for nearly two years. They finally started showing dolls but then, nothing.

I sent a query to their Facebook page. I'll check on that later. I shouldn't get hyped up about them yet either. Sigh.

@DBG - yes, November is great timing and shipped dolls would be believed ;-)

@Vanessa - lol, I can see your fingers drumming.

@MissSpottyJane - whew. I generally loathe reality tv. Glad that they have dodged that bullet although such a tie-in might have sunk the prices on the dolls quicker ;-P Then again, if we liked the dolls, that would not be fun. I still miss the Liv series. Sigh.

Brini said...

I'll be ready for them when then arrive!

Cindi Mortensen said...

I like the looks of these dolls, but like others, I want to see them in real life. Hopefully, I'll be able to find them at the local Wally's here. Good thing November's not too far away! LOL :-)

D7ana said...

Hi Brini and Cindi!

Yes, November is not far off; I don't remember if the Prettie Girls will be sold with other dolls or if they will only be available via One World Doll Project online. I suppose they will, but I should check for certainty.

BTW, I have updated my Prettie Girls Pinterest board.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

I really hope that these dolls eventually get released! Thank you for this update. I am hopeful. :)

D7ana said...

You're welcome, Roxanne! Me, too.

Carrickters said...

The promos look interesting but like everyone else, I would like to see the real dolls first. I wonder if/when they will make it to Australia even if they are released in America this year.

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters! I hope they come out, too. At least here in the U.S. and we can work on exporting them afterwards ;-)

Muff said...

Based on the photos alone, I'm not feeling them. The first turn off is the lack of wrist articulation. If they are charging $18, then I want the wrists to move. Second, those fashions don't appeal to me, even as separates. I mean, they look well made, but they are the prototypes, so who knows, but fashion wise they seem like a misstep. And this will be a weird thing to say, but those ethnicities don't come across very ethnic, except for the African American who looks like SIS Trichelle's cousin on her fathers side. Even the Caucasian doesn't look Caucasian.

Okay, I'm being a total negative nelly, so I guess I just have to see them in person to shut myself up.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Aw, it's not negative if you don't feel them. I go bouncy-red-ball over the thought of new face molds, lol. Then when I see the actual doll - like Twilight Edward - sometimes, all the pouf goes out. Bleh.

I thought that they had articulated wrists, but that could be my goof. I like that the elbows and knees are articulated. And I was bigtime thinking "Oh replacement bodies," lol. Now that could be a "shame on" me thought; I figure, I am greedy for articulated doll bodies, period. The same face over and over can be a drag except with Mattel and Integrity. Those companies can work variations ....

The fashions ... well, I would not wear them - but I wonder if they are what some younger women wear? If they are fashionable outfits? I'm after the bodies, lol.

The races/ethnicities of the various dolls tickles me. Usually, there is a default "white" doll who is "colored" to represent other races/ethnicities. Here we have a default "black" doll who is "colored" or "bleached" to represent other races/ethnicities. I wonder if the Alexie doll is like an inside "joke." Then again, it is a new company so they are probably just trying out one face mold; others might come about once the dolls are established.

Me, I ENJOY your comments, whether they are giddy-enthusiastic or cautious-reserved. You make sound, valid points that help extend the conversation. What blogger could ask for more? {{Hug}} Thanks!

Muff said...

That's what's wrong with the ethnicities! I didn't pay attention to the fact they all have the same mold. No wonder the white girl doesn't look white. She looks like one of the Wayans in White Chicks.

They were very slick about the styling by having a bangle on one wrist and a pocket book on the other, but those promo wrists are not articulated. You can't fool Muffinstien! I know my cuts.

A virtual hug to you as well!!!

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Oh yeah ... same head mold ;-)

Darn, no wrist articulation? Thanks for pointing that out. I agree: it is hard to put one over the Muffinstien, lol.

I prefer wrist articulation, too. On the other hand, I can go without if I really like the face. Like the Mixis dolls, especially Rosa.