Saturday, March 24, 2012

Target Sale - Star Dolls and Accessories

Target is having a sale on the Star Dolls and their accessories.

Woweeeeee! Pause. Okay, it's been a long, hard, dry run for me. No new dolls since Renee in February. Yes, it has been that long. The Star Dolls are either old news to everyone else or they never made a dent in your collector heart. I like their faces and some of their outfits so I am all-over giddy glad. Why? Because I allowed myself to get two of the Star Dolls. Yes, I surrendered again. Here they are ...

I don't have names for them yet. I don't have back stories for them yet. I haven't tried the online StarDolls website. And I have not found new bodies - the better to pose them - yet. But they are here, here, here.

Course now I have to do some selling to make up for my indulgence. (And to allow for further indulgences ... sigh.)

For those similarly tempted, the Target Star Doll and the Star Doll accessories sale began on March 18th and ends on April 7th. The dolls cost $14.99; the accessories are at $12.99.

I didn't get any of the accessories. Dolls first, then accessories.


Ada said...

Wow.That's a great price. Maybe I'll ask my shipping buddy to look for the other Fallen Angel Stardoll. The one with the bangs. I love her!

Vanessa said...

Congrats! That's a really good price. I may consider another accessory set. Thanks for the sale info!

Alrunia said...

For the pale doll Raquelle's body just about works, although the heads end up a tad smaller than usual. I thought it would pose a problem along with the smaller neck opening but honestly it doesn't! They look perfectly normal.

The Stardoll site is of course an elaborate dressup game, pretty fun although I wouldn't call it social networking unless you want to socialize with its mostly teen and preteen population, haha :) You know, the age at which most girls would consider owning a Barbie the biggest embarassment possible. (having a virtual one is a-ok though. Like, DUH.)

Vanessa said...

OMG! And they don't even reach Portugal snif snif! I had to buy my redhead in Ebay. Congrats for yours :)

pattidolls said...

I got a few of them and at first, really wasn't thrilled with them but they are growing on me. A lot of collectors are grabbing them up just for their outfits. Especially the doll wearing the Paris tshirt.

Georgia Girl said...

Thanks for letting us know. These are the two that I purchased too. I may get the one with red hair.

Emily said...

I love that Fallen Angel doll's face. She's gorgeous! It's funny that you just got these--I just discovered them recently and did a review of the Fallen Angel gal on my blog. The Stardoll website is so much fun! :)
I wish I had waited and got that sale, though. I think I paid $21. :(
Have fun with them!

D7ana said...

Hi Ada, Vanessa, Alrunia, Vanessa (Portugal), Pattsdolls, and Georgia Girl!

Thanks for commenting! I thought the price was good (read, do-able, lol). I hope that you are all able to benefit from the sale.

Alrunia, I appreciate that tip - using Raquelle's body for Fallen Angel 1.

I'd like to check out the StarDolls website to see what other fashions are available - and maybe see dolls-to-be-created. The social aspect doesn't interest me as much. Shrug. Although like you, I find it amusing that the largest age group for that site - I am guessing by the frequent references to teens and pre-teens - would not accept Barbies except through the StarDoll link.

Vanessa, I hope the StarDolls reach Portugal or that you find a trading partner to buy them for you. I don't know why this series would not be available there. Real puzzler there.

Pattisdolls, oh! I had looked for that Bonjour Bisou 1 doll. She might not have been there. She is among the first wants on my StarDolls list - not so much for the tee shirt as that I like her face. I saw her at a Walmart, but the price there is higher than at Target. Sigh. Anyway, I have heard people write that she is ugly. I think she has an interesting, pretty face. Shrug.

Georgia Girl, it must be an East Coast thang, lol. These two were my MUST haves; then right after them are the two Bonjour Bisou - both the brown-haired one and the red-haired one.

Thanks again, everyone ;-D

RoxanneRoxanne said...

I like these. I may have to take the plunge and buy 1.

D7ana said...

Hi Emily and thanks for sharing your post about the StarDolls.

Hi Roxanne! I look forward to seeing yours and reading about the re-bodying ;-D

No, I am NOT enabling ... uh uh.

Brini said...

Congrats and that's a good price. I'll be heading over to Target this weekend.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like Stardoll and accessories. I especially like the doll in the second photo that has the flower in her hair. The dress I like. That all the world of Barbie is much cheaper than in Spain. keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi Brini! Both thumbs up, best wishes for a successful Saturday.

Hi Marta! Yes, we can get good Barbie sales here. Sometimes ;-D

Samira | My Barbie Doll said...

Great price! Here in Brazil the Barbies and other dolls tend to be expensive. Stardoll nor are actually sold here. We can only buy from third parties, which bring the U.S.. And yet, the values ​​are high. I have Bounjour Bizou - Style 2.

D7ana said...

Hi Samira! I have heard that Barbie is expensive outside of the U.S. I wonder if that has to do with it being an imported item? Then again, there are Barbies produced for distribution outside of the U.S. - like Estrella Barbies - so that probably isn't the case.

Congratulations on getting Bonjour Bizou 2: she's one I would like to have as well. Love her red hair and that outfit. I hope you are able to get the other Star Dolls that you want.

Hugs back, Dana

Roville said...

Congrats on snagging them at a great price. I have been able to rebody mine with great success in terms of skintone

D7ana said...

Thanks, Ro! I am thrilled to have them at those prices. Even if I "toss" or "reuse" the original bodies for something else, those faces and outfit pieces are striking - IMHO ;-D