Monday, March 26, 2012

Momoko Video - Momoko at the New York Toy Fair

Yes, we have a video showing Momoko at the New York Toy Fair 2012. We because I saw it and now I am sharing it with you. So "we."

Winscott Corporation, a Toronto-based company that serves the Specialty Retail Toy market in the US and Canada, will be selling Momoko dolls to those North American countries. There are no prices shown on their website nor is it clear whether they are selling lots of six dolls to retailers or to individuals. I have sent them a query asking which customers they expect; when I hear from them, I will post the answer here.


limbe dolls said...

Are there any black Momoko dolls? Are there any black ball jointed dolls?

D7ana said...

Hi Limbe Dolls ... yes and no regarding "Black" Momokos. One of my Grail Momokos is called Black Panther Momoko. I think of her as the Black Momoko, but I don't believe that Petworks intended her to be ethnic Black. Although, with that title, then again, maybe they did ...? See her in this Flickr Group Pool and let me know what you think.

Goodreau Doll LLC has a Black ball-jointed doll, but she doesn't seem to be play scale. On the other hand, another of my Grail dolls, Volks Century Model Edythe might be a Black doll - but that is not explicitly stated. Warning, at $185.00 BEFORE postage, she might be a cruel vision.

There might be other black ball-jointed dolls, but I am not aware of them. I think most bjds are larger dolls and outside my main focus.

If anyone has further information about black bjds, please share. I'll start another post if enough feedback comes in. Thanking you in advance.