Monday, March 19, 2012

Star Dolls 2012

Flickr again or more precisely, tru_fashionista_luv and chocliteluvr4evas share promotion stills about the new Star Dolls series, Viole and Rio. Hurry, hurry. Check out the new dolls. Do you think they are as attractive as the first run of the Star Dolls by Barbie or not?

Dana in enabling mode.


Muff said...

I like the styling on these dolls but for some reason I just haven't felt compelled to buy one. I like bits and pieces of them but I'm just not feeling the allure.

Ms. Leo said...

Maybe the clothing looks better in person, then I would buy them for the clothing if on sale. I only really liked the AA doll out of the first line and I liked some of the clothing from that line. Can stand the body! I don't see anything in the second worth having.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: Thanks for reporting. I appreciate the information. I always prefer the more traditional Barbie. However, all have some pretty dolls. Keep in touch.

D7ana said...

Hi Hey, It's Muff, Ms. Leo, and Marta! The Star Dolls aren't for all tastes, yes. The bodies are one strike against them. But some of the Star Doll accessories are cute.

It is good to have dolls you can pass on ;-D.

I like some of the way-out outfits for 2012 like the purple fur top.