Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Native American DAFs -- Hey Toby!

I received Kocoum from Disney's Pocahontas from the Jim Faraone Special Auction -- thanks Toby! Toby and I were talking about Native American dolls and action figures. I've only got FOUR Native American figures. Wow. Talk about under-representation. I am not doing a count to see that I have an equal amount of every race or ethnicity, but I am surprised that the number of Native Americans is so small.

Here the East Philadelphians (my crew) meet Kocoum:

Here's a full front view of Dragon Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach), YNU Group Mixis Emerald, Mattel Eskimo Barbie, and Mattel Disney Kocoum.

I am submitting larger files here at a medium setting to see if my photos will look better. Hope it won't take too long to upload.

Kocoum is now officially an East Philadelphian!

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