Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Stardolls News

Stardolls have landed on online!

Unfortunately, they seem to be out of stock. Pout. But you can see photos of several dolls in this new Barbie line. Grin.

Okay, I have GOT to do some selling and purging. Must, must, must!


Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: very original photo with Barbie shoes. The Tori doll is kind of High School. The series of which you speak in Spain do not put or at least does not sound. We remain in contact blog blog

Vanessa said... reading a recent post from Tracy (Dolls and the City), who just bought one from her local TRU, she suggested not buying them online as the face screening was quite different between the dolls in person. I must say I am glad to see they decided to sell these for $20, vs the original $30 that was quoted. This makes them very comparable in price to buying the unarticulated Basic dolls. The only one that I could see myself buying at this point is the redhead. I hope to see a dark skinned AA in a future line.

D7ana said...

Hello from Philly, Marta! Yes, the Tori doll is a teenager. I think though, that we could also use her body for an older figure too. I look forward to when the Tori dolls go on sale for the holidays, closer to Christmas.

I have never seen the tv series. Shrug. I just LOVE to find new dolls ;-D Oh and Spin Master might create friends of Tori - more articulated doll bodies - how exciting!

Thanks Vanessa! I happened to scan my Blog Roll and saw the Stardolls posts from Tracy and William. Wow! Love the series. I'm relieved that the price will be $20 - won't make the rebodying so expensive, lol. And with the snazzy outfits ... charge!

Ummm "charge" as in "go, full speed ahead" and NOT "charge" as in credit card. Not yet anyway, ;-D

In recent years, getting Barbies in person - unless they are ones that are only sold online - has been my preferred method, due to the drop in quality control. Sigh.

Oh and I expect that they should issue a dark-skinned AA doll in the future. The actual Stardolls in pixel come in all colors.