Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Power Team Guy - Combat Engineer at Big Lots!

Big Lots! Norristown. I was only going to look, but when I saw this guy, I had to have him.

Meet the Power Team Elite World Peacekeepers Combat Engineer!

Here's a close up of his face. Notice the elegant flare to his nostrils. What a classy sculpting job and for $10!

and here's the full length view in his box.

I don't recall seeing this figure before, but that doesn't mean that he was never there before. New or old though, he's new to me. I'm happy.


BlackDollEnthusiast said...

Congratuations! I like him!

D7ana said...

Thanks, BDE!

I think he's cute, too.

Leonaamon said...

I have him too but mine is the figure with the larger hands. He doesn't fit as well into all the male fashions like yours will. I do like him!! You can switch out the hands of the figure with the regular hands (not the large hands) for the hand with the gloves. That will give your more options. I recently bought the figure with the face that you call Pierre. I though that these two had the same face but with a bald head from the webpage on eBay. When I saw them in person I could see that the face is different. This face looks like the actor in Shaka Zulu. I call my figure Shaka.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the tip about getting replacement hands for the Power Team guys, Leonaamon! I've heard that the newer G.I. Joe hands can be used for the PT guys as well. Have you used Joe hands, too, or any other action figure's hands?

D7ana said...

BTW, I think I have two other Power Team guys who resemble the one I named, Pierre. Only they have hair ....

I'll have to look up the Shaka Zulu actor; I havn't seen that movie in years.

I know what you mean about the big-handed Power Team guys. Their hands look like boxing gloves. I'm soo glad M & C Toys has improved their guys' hands.