Thursday, May 8, 2014

Inspired by Muff's Spring Cleaning? More on Doll Collection Organizing

After reading Muff's post showing her Spring-cleaned doll collection, you may be gazing dreamily into the horizon. The mix of storage and display is a visual treat. Do you wonder what that would be like for your collection? Where to begin to make a dent in the piles of dolls, clothes, accessories, etc.? Then again, where does not matter. What matters is starting. Starting someplace and continuing until the collection is manageable and "right-sized." The reward will be in rediscovering your collection, in the tidy space, and in introducing new things. 

(Because collecting is active and cyclical. Stuff leaves; stuff enters. And so on and so on ....)

Anyway, I did some checking for more inspiration. 

(That checking might seem like an excuse to not work on my stuff now. Truly, it was not an excuse. Not only did I get additional ideas for organizing, I found stuff for my readers as well. See. Bet you forgot how generous I can be. LOL Riiiight.)

Ahem. Back to additional inspiration. Let's see, there is Andrea's post about maintaining balance in collecting. Longtime enthusiasts of playscale dolls and action figures may remember Andrea from the MenWithDolls board. Then SuperCoolDollHouse shares tips on reducing by removing the "not fabulous." And I even moved onto an interior decorating site, Apartment Therapy, that I noticed SuperCoolDollHouse had mentioned before. 

My favorite posts on that site are

Doll Collection Display - the comments may leave you laughing and retorting "My home, my castle"

Toys in the Home - see how others display their collections

Organizing How To - 10 ways to organize your collection

and there are many more relevant articles on that site. However, you - like I - we should not spend too much time ogling those photos. Noooo. Some of us still have some purging and selling to do. Wagging a reproachful finger at myself. (Never came across a "reproachful finger" - lucky you, ha ha.) 

Maybe I will start at the computer desk? Sigh. Bye bye.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I wonder how the people who disliked the idea of having dolls on display would like that entire wall of manga. Or the anime doll posed seductively on that person's desk.

So a collection of My Little Pony is putting off potential buyers of a house? Buyers should be advised to look past that kind of thing when house-hunting. On the other hand, sellers are told to pack most of their personal things away.

I love the closet turned into a desk alcove.

Since I have my doll collection *about* the size I want it to be, I do need moar storage units. We have a bookshelf with glass doors in storage, because the Dancer broke one of the panes of glass many years ago. Mr. BTEG and I have toyed with the idea of getting the glass replaced and using that for doll displays. (The dolls I want are from the same brands as ones I already have and can join existing displays.)

D7ana said...

Hi Barb the Evil Genius! i can't get over the nerve of people going to someone else's house or apartment and saying that person shold not have those figures up because that is "creepy." Now that's nerve. Whose house/apartment is it?

Congrats on having your collection the size that you want it at. I am working on reaching that point ;-)

Good luck on getting the bookcase glass replaced.

Vanessa said...

This is a nice compliment to Muff's post. I'm definitely feeling inspired to clear out and do some more organizing.

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa! Glad you found inspiration in some of those posts, too. I've been thinking, I need to get organized for years, it seems. The way Muff accomplished that goal and then shared the photos - so very impressive.

Best wishes for a good time clearing out and organizing. Do share photos and impressions, if you have the time. (Yes, I appreciate how much you do for your doll blog readers - grin.)

pattidolls said...

My nephew came for a visit and stayed in my guest room. I had some dolls stacked in their boxes underneath a desk and he commented that they were "creepy".They were still in the box what was creepy about them? Not like they were out of the box staring at him at night while he slept plotting his death like some Chucky doll!! He's a grown man, not a little kid either.. Sheesh

D7ana said...

Pattisdolls, lol. Aren't people funny? I'm tempted to place a sign over my threshold stating "Boxed dolls safe; free dolls ...?"

P.S. I found Chucky amusing: so much adult vulgarity pressed into that toddler doll body.

P.S.2 The doll Chucky was not evil; the once human criminal that possessed the doll body - he - is the evil one.

Muff said...

Apartment Therapy is an awesome site! I could be stuck there for days. I agree on some of the comments about displaying a few dolls versus your entire collection. Even though I have much more doll stuff on display, not having so many actual dolls out and about makes it feel less like they are taking over the joint.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff - yeah, that Apartment Therapy site could be a time-eater.

Dolls taking over? Ha - looking to my left and seeing dolls on computer table and dolls on journal boxes and dolls on chest of drawers and dolls in shelves. Looking to my right and seeing doll fashions and accessories sharing the turtles' table. Looking to my south-right and seeing table topped with dolls, dolls on plastic bins storing doll furniture. Turning and noting that the bins forming the cat seat to both windows has plastic bins storing more doll furniture and another bookcase with dolls. Hmmmm ...

Ahem. Maybe there is a leetle bit of a takeover here ...

Chasing Joy said...

The posts you listed seem like good resources for collectors.

Thanks for linking up for #FlashbackFriday.

Ms. Leo said...

You know you and Muff are welcome to come over and organize my doll stuff provided you don't take anything :-) ! One day I'll get around to it.

D7ana said...

Hi Arlett and Ms. Leo!

@Arlett - I forgot to upload a post this week, but I saw some of your tweets and retweeted them all the same ;-)

@Ms. Leo - It must be a universal fear of collectors all over that others want to take their stuff, ha ha. I worry that there is a special place in Hell for those who steal doll stuff and I have so many things I want to pass on, I'd be more likely to leave additional stuff rather than take anything. Whew, right?

I am touched that you think I would organize your collection, lol. Me? Still, getting my collection organized is a definite goal. Muff's post inspired me. Now getting from being inspired to culling and selling - next ;-)