Friday, January 23, 2009

Bollywood Legend: Priyanka Chopra Arrives!

Today, I picked up the third and last - for this order - Bollywood Legend doll, Priyanka Chopra. I had missed yesterday's delivery so I had to pick her up at the post office.

These dolls are so well packaged, I am almost tempted to leave them in their boxes. Spin Master uses the same clear plastic box construction that Mattel uses on the Jazz Diva Barbie and the Red Queen Barbie only instead of constructing a setting, Spin Master has a reel-strip layout of photos of the actor or the actress alongside the doll. My eyes run from the actor's photo to the doll; the likeness is amazing.

In the package, the dolls and the outfits look like better Barbie quality figures. At this time, I am enamoured of the boxed look; once I get beyond that stage, I will remove the figures and examine the figures and the clothes.

Behold, three of the Bollywood Legends!

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