Monday, June 15, 2009

Asian Playscale Men 2

My other Asian guys felt left out. So here they are ...


Niel said...

The PD guy look familiar. I think I saw him in a local hobby shop. The guy behind the chair is cute.

I notice though that "Asian" usually is represented by the "Chinese" or "Japanese". Then again, I, myself, find it hard to distinguish the different nationalities of Asians just by looking.

D7ana said...

The PD guy is Detective "Chow" of the NYPD Asian Organized Crime Task Force by Dragon. (Or an unofficial Chow Yun Fat figure ... sigh.)

The guy behind the chair is Hung by M&C Toys from their Star Runner series. Yes, he's cute too ;-D

USA 2009, "Asian" refers to people from East, Southeast, and South Asia. See for a short definition and for additional information. Ah the intricacies of human categorization!