Friday, August 21, 2009

First Anniversary of A PhillyCollector of Playscale Dolls ...

Last August 21, 2008, I started this blog with a post about the Mattel Rebelde male dolls. One year later, it seems fitting to have this post about the Rebelde guys and show them with two of their local fans.

Goals for my blog this year include:

  • Include projects

  • Improve photography

  • Increase readers

  • Provide more news

I have enjoyed writing here and receiving responses from other collectors. The sharing and dialogue enhance my enjoyment of the hobby.

Thanks for your time and efforts.


Dolls of Color said...

Yay! Happy Anniversary :)

Here's to many more blog posts!

I really do enjoy visiting here :)

D7ana said...

Thanks, Therese! Glad you enjoy visiting here. I welcome your comments.

And I enjoy your blog, Dolls of Color. I like the way you track new comments. Helps me revisit and find out new comments on your posts.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!


D7ana said...

Thanks, Rox! Glad to hear that from you ;-D

Niel said...

Wow! One year already. Happy Anniversary. Hmmm... I might back read entries that I missed. ^_^

D7ana said...

Yes, one year I've been online at this PhillyCollector blog.


Thanks for participating and having fun with me. Please read as far back as it pleases you to do. Note: in the beginning, I neglected to format my links. So I would have a URL but NOT so that it was active. Sorry for that glitch.