Friday, August 14, 2009

Pierre Janay and His Six Daughters

Pierre Janay is a Power Team action figure from M & C Toys. The six lovely ladies behind him are my Integrity Fashion Fling Janay dolls. Ordinarily, they would NOT be on the same shelf, but here, I have them as (left to right) Chloe (brown leather cap), Rashida (tan cap), Sable (reddish, center-parted hair), Tynesha (strawberry tight curls), and twins, Sandrine (goldenrod top) and Simone (yellow top).

Please note the variation of the dolls' face screening, the variety of complexions, and the straight to frizzy-curly hair. Integrity playline at its best with these 2004-2005 dolls.


Dolls of Color said...

that's such a cool line-up :)

E. A said...

Ah yes, 2004 -2005...a time when beautiful Integrity dolls could be found commonly on store shelves for affordable prices, instead of only online in expensive collector's editions. I miss those days.

D7ana said...

Thanks for looking :-D

Yes, the Integrity Janay playline dolls from 2001-2005 zapped the doll world. Before I could afford and then find Fashion Royalty dolls that I liked, these lovely dolls made excellent consolation prizes. No, they were and remain winners themselves.

Once, these were the ethnic doll alternative to Barbie.

Niel Camhalla said...

How many wives did Pierre have? Hmmm... ^_^

D7ana said...

Wives? None. Pierre is a bit of a rogue. The love them and leave them type. Tsk, tsk.