Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poll Results In: Susie Wins

The results of the "Whose Doll Photos Should be Submitted for a Virtual Halloween Party" poll are in.

Drumroll ... Susie wins!

Susie received 20 votes. Janay received 9 votes. Emerald received 7 votes. Barbie received 4 votes. The four contestants gathered to take a photo. Susie asked Tyr (aka Randy here in East Philly) to pose with her in the second photo.

Susie Wins!

"Thanks, Randy! Thanks Readers for voting for me!"


Sabriam - said...

your welcome susie! :) Love the costume - and cute friend there!

D7ana said...

The costume Susie wears is her original outfit. She is the Tokyo Trendy Susie. Her male companion is Randy aka BBi's action figure Tyr from the Andromeda series; he wears his original mesh tee, black "leather" pants, and high boots.

"Thanks, Sabriam!" Susie adds. "I appreciate your vote."

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Congratulations, Susie! You won by a landslide girl!

D7ana said...

"Oh, yes," Susie says. "Can you believe the numbers? I really, really have fans out there."

"The other girls have been kind, too. Not like you see on tv or in the movies ... Emerald, Chantelle (the Janay), and Maud (the Barbie) were happy for me. Perhaps they will join me after all ..."

wtsrudi said...

CLAPNESS!!!! am smiling for you and SUSIE!!!!

Niel said...

My Hanoi Susie high fives your Tokyo Susie. :D

D7ana said...

Thanks, Rudi and Niel!

Susie and I were discussing why she won. Aside from her striking outfit, we think Susie struck the most dynamic poses. The other dolls stood or stood and sat. Poor Maud (the Barbie shown) even kneaded her feet: probably not the most thrilling party pose.

Miel, Susie returns the high five to Hanoi Hue Susie overseas. "SusiePower!"

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Hooray for Susie!

D7ana said...

"Thanks, Roxanne!"