Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Target's Most Irresistable Exclusive: Kelly & Friends Halloween Party

Top level: Tommy as a vampire, AA Kelly as a clown, AA Kelly as an orange cat, and Kayla (?) as a spider
Base level: Nikki as a pumpkin, Tommy as a dragon, Kelly as a witch, Kerstie as a leopard, Kelly as a clown, Tommy (?) as a mummy

I've got several Kelly and Kelly friend dolls. They're like that potato chip, betcha can't eat [buy] just one Kelly and not want more and more ;-P


wtsrudi said...

wow... thanks for the reminder... gotta get all my Halloween Lil ones out, too!!!!

D7ana said...

I look forward to seeing your Halloween crew, Rudi.

I'm going to debox this lot and give them and some other figures a Halloween showing.

I love Halloween and the Fall/Winter holidays in the U.S. Barring icy conditions, this is the best time of the year, here ;-D

wtsrudi said...

Dana, I found most of my HALLOWEEN Kelleys from TARGET... I ahve about 16 of them.... so am sure am sm missing so much more... here they are:

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing that link, Rudi!

I love seeing the black cat costumed dolls and the ghost costumed one. They are so cute.

My Halloween set is far from complete, too. Someday ....

And of course, I had to check your 2009 Dolly Reorganization photos. Sigh - happy sigh though. So many lovely Susies ... makes me want to debox the others I have.

Your album title also reminds me that I have a LOT of doll reorganizing and reducing to do LOL.