Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 and New DAF Resolutions

The time has come for me to review my collection as I have never reviewed it before. Reading other collectors' stories and viewing their photographs helped me realize that I could be having more fun with my 1:6 scale companions.

Elizabeth Allen of Love has Fangs fame sent me a link to this article by Maria Greene discussing how to reduce a large doll collection.

Reading the article, I realized that

1. I have too many dolls to fit in my available display space.

2. Some of them are still in their boxes.

3. I've forgotten about some dolls I have.

4. I'm not giving them enough attention.

Sooo ... something has to change. I have to evaluate, to make and to execute certain resolutions. Here's a starter list:

1. Reduce, reduce, reduce.

2. Diversify.

3. Learn camera settings and improve on photography techniques.

4. Photograph DAFs in settings.

5. Write DAF stories.

6. Participate in online DAF groups - again.

I've begun the Reduce step by selling some DAFs online here.

The article also has tips on avoiding DAF overpopulation and suggestions on how to reduce a large collection. While the article was written with larger dolls in mind, it has advice that I or any playscale collector can use.

Happy reading and best wishes for any collection "weeding" that occurs.


Niel Camhalla said...

Oh, I'm excited for you! Especially the photography part. You know how I like pictures. Hehehe.

If I have to share a tip on taking pics (not that I'm a professional but I realized how this tip improved my photos), I would say take time to light the dolls.

Camera flashes are unforgiving so I usually avoid them. Take advantage of the sun light. If its not available you may want to make a light box. I don't exactly have a light box but I set up the backdrop and lighting in the about same way.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Niel. Glad you share my enthusiasm for these projects ;-)

I have heard of light boxes and seen online tutorials on making them. Now I just have to use them, to do it. Groan. LOL

D7ana said...

Thanks for the light box link, Niel! I missed that at first :-D

Alison said...

Wow! This sounds exciting and a little scary. I'm afraid to click on your link, but I did anyway. :)

I can't wait to see your photography technique improvement, too. I'm no great photographer, but my husband is. And the best tip he gave me (aside from Niel's lighting tip) is USE A TRIPOD. Even when you think you don't need it, it makes a huge difference. :) It will also help you if you're using natural light, too.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the tripod suggestion, Alison. A tripod is on my "To Get" list.

I've got to find my Kodak booklet. When I first got the camera, I just skimmed the booklet to learn what to push to get a photo, LOL.

I'm going to have more fun with photography this year.