Sunday, March 7, 2010

Poll: Which Ken Wears the Coolest Jeans?

Okay, I have been a little catty/critical about Mattel Ken fashions. A Ken collector on the Yahoo He's a Doll Group found the Fashionista Ken's skinny jeans good clothing. I have to agree with him (and yes, this is still Dana aka D7ana). So I started thinking, surely Fashionista Ken isn't the only Ken who wears neat jeans. Next thing, I am gathering my jeans wearing Kens for a new poll.

Which Ken wears the coolest jeans?

Contestants include from left to right:

1 Modern Circle Ken in Daywear

Fashionista Ken

Harley Davidson Ken 1

Harley Davidson Ken 2

The actual poll will be in the right-hand column. Thanks for voting.


Anonymous said...

Nice pic~ the skinny jeans get my vote!

D7ana said...

Thanks for the kind words - and for your vote!

Fashionista Ken's skinny jeans seem to be winning. For now.

Love the selection of doll stuff you have at your web page. Thanks for sharing that link.

Dolls of Color said...

I'm torn... I like to have at least one pair of skinny jeans (they look good but hard to sit in) and comfy loose jeans. Now that I've written all that, I do prefer my boys in relaxed casual jeans! I'll vote now hahaha

D7ana said...

The Fashionista Ken looks cute in the skinny jeans, but a more muscular, heavier Ken would not.

So I prefer the guys in the looser jeans. (I chose Harley Ken 2. I don't care for ripped jeans, haha)

Me ... ain't no way LOL that I would EVER wear them.

Thanks for voting!

Alison said...

I love this poll idea. Very clever! Now you can have the facts straight, LOL! ;)

D7ana said...

Hi Alison! I was curious about how we collectors feel about Ken jeans; the poll seemed the easiest way to find out ;-)

Just realized I should have added another option - whether ANY of the Ken jeans looked cool. Shrug. Well, next time hmmm?