Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prince Barbie? Hmmm ... That's a New Occupation

Is anyone else raising an eyebrow about the title on this Toys R Us Barbie set, "Princess and Prince Barbie?"

The title makes me think I'm approaching John Waters' territory. Why? Dismantle the title -- "Princess Barbie" and "Prince Barbie." (Oh the slights poor Ken must endure. Tsk, tsk.)

Now if Barbie were the last name, that phrasing would be unconventional. Think "Mrs. and Mr. Jones." (In the U.S., we usually address or refer to married couples sharing the same last name by the male title and then the female title before the last name. Revise the phrase to "Mr. and Mrs. Jones."

Aside: if the title is the generic "Mr. and Mrs." Position titles would precede the generic ones.

Most toy buyers recognize "Barbie" as a first female name. But inside the window box are a female doll and a male doll. Not two female dolls. Puzzler? No. Mattel probably meant "Princess Barbie and Prince Ken." Sigh. I won't be buying this set because I have the Ken and the Barbie holds no interest for me, but I almost wish I could justify the purchase as an example of the deterioration of the [American] English language.

I am going to be good and NOT bring up the "We Girls Can Do Anything" motto. Nope, I didn't say it.


D7ana said...

The Toys R Us link for this set.

M.J. said...

Ha! Good catch, Dana!

D7ana said...

Thanks, MJ.

Another collector wrote - to the Ken Yahoo Group - that Barbie is the brand and that the "Princess and Prince" are just two dolls under the Barbie banner. Hmmm ... makes sense.

I get more of a kick from my interpretation though LOL.

smidge girl said...

I don't know, I think your interpretation is more in keeping with how they treat poor Ken, lol.

So, I was thinking, assuming they are Prince and Princess of the same kingdom, wouldn't that mean they were married? Or brother and sister?

D7ana said...

Even realizing that Mattel did not intend for Barbie to be the Prince, I return to "Prince Barbie" and snicker. I do wonder if there isn't a subversive group at Mattel. Some employees who sneak in fetiah nurse uniforms, Sugar Daddies, etc. just to see if anyone is paying attention. Sigh, I suppose I have many mean bones ;-D.

Oh, yes, let's examine the photo to guess what their relationship is ... hmmm ... Ken's arm is behind her back, but he doesn't seem to focus on her nor does she seem to focus on him. I would guess that they have no relationship at all. A photographer passed by a generic Princess Barbie and a Fashionista Ken. The photographer threw a too small jacket at Ken and ordered him into the photo. That's my guess ;-)

MissSpottyJane said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who noticed that the nurse uniform looks like fetish wear. :)

Vogue To Vintage Dolls said...

..does anyone else think these 2 look silly together? He is handsome but she has the BIGGEST head and looks so strange next to darling Ken!

D7ana said...

Hi Carol! Yes, she does look odd next to Ken. He's one of the cuter Kens, but she has the Big Head Syndrome BAD. Her head is one and a half times as big as his.

Plus their outfits clash. She's wearing traditional princess stuff, but he looks modern (skinny jeans that work on him) except for that ridiculous jacket, shirt, and tie.

D7ana said...

MSJ, that nurse's outfit was an eye opener, LOL. Made me go huh?