Friday, April 2, 2010

New Momoko Doll: City in the Sea

Thanks to Rudi's post on R&D Spotlight, I now know that Petworks Dolls is on Twitter. And guess what's new? City in the Sea Momoko.

Her mouth differs from the Momokos that I have; the vibrant red color seems to extend below her natural bottom lip so she seems to pout. Her hair color has two-tones - ashy blond and some darker color - burgundy, black? The outfit has a sailor top and short bottoms. She is cute, but I can't say that I am overwhelmed to buy her. Still, it's interesting to know.


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

Momoko doll is hot, but she's kinda pricey for me.
sticking to Barbie, currently loving the silkstone series (Also soo expensive) hahahaha

D7ana said...

Hi Asrul! Yes, Momokos are pricey. Expensive - there, I'll admit it. For a while, you could find some of the Sekiguchi Momokos - on sale - for around $50 or a little less. New dolls were around $70 each. The economy everywhere, I guess. I saw recent FDQ and Haute Doll magazines for $10 each. Sigh.