Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Target New Liv Dolls

Sunday, I went to Target and saw ...

It’s My Nature Dolls and Playsets

Dolls: Alexis, Daniela, Hayden seen. (All five dolls shown on the cover of the Maple Lodge box.)

Playsets: Maple Lodge

School’s Out Dolls and Playsets

Dolls: Alexis, Hayden, Katie, and Sophie. (Note: Daniela doll not seen today.)

Playsets: Pet Adoption Center for Hayden

Target Exclusive Moonlight Dance

The Liv dolls appear in formal gowns. Alexis wears a red satiny gown; Daniela wears a green satiny gown; and Katie wears a blue gown. (I did not see Sophie or Hayden dolls for this exclusive. They might have been bought before I reached the area.)

Photos added Thursday, August 19, 2010.


Frannie said...

At the Target I go to in Jersey had the new Liv dolls except Alexis. They also had the new Bratz,and Moxie Girlz. Today I went to Toys R Us and they had none of the new dolls I had seen in Target. Go figure.

D7ana said...

I haven't been to any of our ToysRUs here, but I'll check. Sometimes they do let Target and/or Walmart get the new dolls in before them. Shame, isn't it?

AilanthusAltissima said...

Are you warming up to their faces yet? I saw some of the earlier dolls at Big Lots (and I thought Big Lots was charging too much for them...)

D7ana said...

No, the big heads AND inset eyes still leave me cold. I do like some of the outfits and the poser bodies, though. So looking forward to playing Dr. Dana Frankenstein with those bodies and some Barbie heads.

Rubbing hands together. Oh yeah.