Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Artsy Fashionista Found by Frannie of Thrift Store Dolls!

Anyone seeking Artsy Fashionista from the Swappin' Styles line? Check the photo for the post by Frannie of Thrift Store Dolls.

There are LOTS of other interesting dolls, old and new, at the Thrift Store Dolls blog.


Frannie said...

Thanks so much for mentioning Thrift Store Dolls in your blog. I enjoy sharing information about different dolls especially Barbie.

D7ana said...

You are welcome.

I've been viewing and enjoying your Thrift Store Dolls blog; guessed others should know of it, too.

Sil Noemi said...

You´ve got an award at my blog!!! kisses!

D7ana said...

Thanks for the award! I am happy to receive one.

I will send this award to 12 other bloggers.