Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Query: Moxie Teenz

Has anyone used the Moxie Teenz accessories and clothes for heavier 1:6 fashion dolls?


Anonymous said...

By "heavier" do you mean dolls like a Mimi Bobeck or a Tracy Turnblad? Or do you mean heavier in some other way?

Niel said...

What do you mean "1:6 fashion dolls"? :)

Some people did make it work for FR and Barbie type dolls. :)

D7ana said...

Hi Pudgybudgie and Niel!

By "heavier," I meant the CyGirls and Ladies Mission action figures. Thanks though for mentioning Tracy. I have her and she might fit some of those pieces. (But would they fit her, her character, I mean?)

By 1:6 fashion doll, I meant Barbies, Tuesday Taylor, etc. Our playscale gals. (I hadn't even thought about my FR guys, Niel! My FR guy will be grateful to you for that link to the action figure wearing the Moxie Girlz - Moxie Guyz? outfit. Hard to outfit FR men in Kenwear ....)