Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guess the Gifts from Limbe Dolls

Surprise gifts came my way. Some of my guys and gals are delighted. Others feel a bit peeved. Well, that can happen when there are so many different sizes of playscale characters. Want to guess what I received? Okay, I'm leaving three clues:

1.) This is the season for wearing these items

2.) These items are brightly colored and comfortable

3.) These items were created during the development of a new instructional video series Limbe Dolls will produce for September

Bring on the guesses ...
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Black Doll Enthusiast said...


I was just thinking after deboxing a doll I purchased this past Sunday (a blog will follow soon) that "she needs some Limbe Dolls sandals."

Have I guessed correctly?

limbe dolls said...

Thanks for the link back. Can't wait to see your folks enjoying the items.

Vanessa said...

I would guess, but that would be unfair. First of all, because I accidently saw the video. Secondly because my dolls received some, too, for my birthday. How they get gifts for my birthday is a little perplexing. LOL. Aren't they wonderful? My blog post will come out in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to see yours.

Frannie said...

Swimsuits! Can't wait to see Limbe Dolls instructional video!

Dollz4Moi said...

Ok I know I'm way wrong but I will guess..
Shorts, flip flops(sandals), & a wig

D7ana said...

BDE and Dollz4Moi, you guessed well! Wise women, indeed. We have Limbe Doll sandals. Some for the Power Team guys and some for the Liv dolls.

Thanks for guessing, Frannie. Alas, no swimsuits this time - no, I am NOT hinting. That would be greedy, lol. Thanks for letting me feel that my hints were a little vague.

Vanessa, you know how we spoil our dolls? Well, that's how they get gifts when it's our birthday: our fellow collectors know where our money is going, lol. They add the extra element of surprise to the gifts to our precious ones. And yes, the sandals are tres chic. Now I need a setting worthy of them - big grin.

Also, I think you're reading my mind sometimes. Or is it the Great Mind thing again, lol? Or I am more transparent than I thought. Yes, I mean to push the sandals. It's my way of doing the cheerleader thing ...

Limbe Dolls, the least I could do is a return link back. The Power Team guys feel a little shy about exposing their bare feet ... will their fans still love them tomorrow? Will they retain the respect they need to execute their important missions? Could they stoop to asking the Kens about manscaping their toes and heels? Sigh. Guys have fashion dilemmas, too.

Izzy and the former Princess of Japan (who, yes, needs a name) are only concerned with matching the rest of their wardrobe with the sandals.

Oh and I finally have your blog link in my blog roll. I cannot think how I missed adding it sooner. Maybe I subscribed instead of followed? Anyway, you are in my DAF online rolodex. Write on - ouch. Pun intended. Guess I am not that good.

Vanessa said...

To all, I will be posting a pair of my limbe doll sandals first thing tomorrow. My Power team guy don't mind exposing his feet. It will be David. After that show he put on at the dance, exposing his feet are the least of his problems.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the notice, Vanessa.

I have a panel of males and a panel of females and their reactions. I look forward to your guy.