Thursday, January 26, 2012

Preview of Valentine's Day Barbie, Nikki, and Chelsea Dolls

What wears pink, red, and white and is "sweet" to the eye but spares the teeth?

I Love Valentines Barbie and Nikki. Or Valentine Chelsea and Friends.

This year's supermarket Valentines Barbie and Valentines Nikki appear in the photo above. Hmmm ... I have seen more interesting holiday dolls; these two seem fairly standard. So I can easily leave them on the shelf.

What about the corresponding Valentines Chelseas? Alas the little treats will be harder to resist. An online dealer presents the Valentines kiddies as a three doll set on eBay. Offline, you could probably find the dolls for less than the eBay amount AND be able to buy all or any of the favorites you want for under $10.00 each. But hey, eBay dealers have eBay and PayPal fees to pay as well as the dolls' cost. (Sometimes, you can search and search for the ethnic dolls and NEVER find them. Sigh.) Knowing that these Valentines kiddies will be out gives us enthusiasts time to search for them. Or to plan to buy when seen and then sell to our fellow enthusiasts.

Say, does anyone know under what circumstances the ethnic companion doll is the ethnic Barbie and when the not-white doll becomes Nikki? That question popped in my head when I saw these dolls.


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