Friday, September 7, 2012

Awwwwww - the Cutest Skipper-Chelsea Set

Ada from Romania wrote about these dolls. I had also seen them on, so I include those links below:

Barbie Loves Disney Barbie and Stacie Dolls


Barbie Loves Disney Skipper and Chelsea Dolls

I am not a big Disney fan - as far as going to Disneyland or Disneyworld, that sort of thing. But ... I want that Disney Skipper and that Disney Chelsea. First, I love the burgundy red of this Skipper's hair. The platinum haired Chelsea looks adorable. Nice face screening for both dolls. And aside from the denim skirted Skipper in another set, this has to be the most attractive Skipper outfit. And the black leggings can go with other tops. Sigh. So even though I feel that the price is much for the set - $25 - I am going to look for this set.

The Barbie and Stacie set though is a definite PASS for me. I see one word: skanks when I look at them. Sorry. The mini skirt is too mini. And those shorts on Chelsea ... did her PARENTS see her leave the house dressed like that? Tsk, tsk.


Ms. Leo said...

I haven't seen these dolls in the stores yet. I like Skipper and Chelsea outfits only. The outfits are very cute ( don't know if she needs silver sneakers) and you are right about the black tights! Barbie dress I would turn into a top! I don't like the bent arm thing on the Chelsea. OK Mattel, give the bent arm thing a rest! I wasn't too put off by stacy's shorts. She is a child and it is hot in Florida. I could see the face screening from the shots but it would be nice to see Skipp with normal brown hair for once.

D7ana said...

Yes, I like the outfits for Skipper and Chelsea. The silver sneakers are quirky-cute to me ;-) I didn't notice the bent arm - drat, that! - until you mentioned it. Shrug. Darn. I don't care for that either.

The shorts? I'd have to add fabric strips to: they look like underpants to me.

Do all of these Skippers with the closed mouth have streaked hair? Would it be possible to remove those odd colored hightlights or are they too thick?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have tried, I have tried to be patient, but if they do not come out with an AA Stacie soon I will scream (lol)!! I want that doll now. Who can I contact, start a petition with or whatever! Seriously though, what do you think the chances are that we will see an AA Stacie (and Skipper for that matter)? Love your site by the way. Take care.

Lisa M.

D7ana said...

Hi Lisa M! I would LOVE to see an AA Skipper and an AA Stacie. We have seen AA Chelseas in some AA Barbie sets ... let us hope that that trend extends to the other young sisters.

You can create an online petition here.

Muff said...

LOL, look at you skank shaming these dolls. I always have beef with the shortness of Barbie clothing so I feel ya.

Do the dolls even have parents? I know about the Happy Family dolls, but I dont think I've ever seen dolls that are supposed to be the parents of Barbie and her sisters.

I actually have something against Skipper (her face bugs me) so I would not pay full price for that set since I only like the outfit and the mug.

Niel Camhalla said...

I like the burgundy hair on Skipper, too. I wish they make more dolls with that hair color. :)

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Niel!

@Muff - yes, that's me "Skank shaming" Barbie and Stacie, lol. Really, it's Barbie's fault because in the absence of parents, it's the oldest sister's role to bring the young ones up. There have never been parents created for Barbie - Tammy had parents, but never Barbie. Except in books ... but never doll Barbie.

Do you find this Skipper face mold smarmy? Self-satisfied like a cat who has cream in the bowl and knows that more cream is to follow? (As life should be for cats.) That's how I find this one and the current Ken mold. I've seen this Skipper with faces I like and others with faces I would not accept for free.

@Niel - I LOVE the burgundy hair. The brown looks mousy. Not that I would want her to be blonde as the others are. (Yawn.) The hair and that outfit make this Skipper a Want List doll for me.

Also, you might LOVE the Amazing Nails Kayla doll - she has gorgeous burgundy hair, too.

Muff said...

The lips on the Skipper mold are pursed in such a way that it makes me feel like she looks down on people. I know I'm attributing a lot to an expression but that's the vibe I get from her. That Stacy looks like she has an attitude too. I dunno, I just don't care for them, lol.

Niel Camhalla said...

Oh yes, I have her. :)

Reminds me of using her for a blog entry one of these days. :)

Vanessa said...

I love the clothes and the accessories on the second set best. Yes she has to have the silver sneakers because you often see silver associated with Disney clothing items. As soon as I saw them, I thought Disney. I love the Skipper hair color, too.

Sadly Barbie and her sisters will never have parents. So sad.

Just curious, have you ever been to Disneyland? If not, I would highly recommend it. It is still to date my most memorable trip, and I went for my first time at the age of 27. I would go back in a heartbeat.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Muff, Niel, and Vanessa.

@Muff - isn't it incredible how we can get vibes from dolls and action figures. I'm not being facetious; I mean it's a skill that Mattel's artists can convey personality in a mass produced item.

Snooty, smarmy Skippy? Yes, I can see that. I don't mind it in one doll. Might not want to fill my collection with LOTS of Fashion Royalty - cough - snooty dolls, but with that hair coloring and that outfit I'll make an exception. I do understand what you are saying though. I "get" that impression, too.

@Niel - cool! Glad that you have that Kayla already. I look forward to seeing your photos of her.

@Vanessa - yes, the Skipper and Chelsea outfits look better. Love that hair color.

I did not know that silver was associated with Disney clothes. I have never been to Disneyland: thanks for the recommendation. My best "trip" was a visit to Small Blue Planet's warehouse. Oh! 94% playscale stuff. Oh that was a lovely trip ;-D

Vanessa said...

Now that I think about it, maybe the silver is just with all the Barbie Disney stuff. If you look at the older Disney Barbie stuff, silver shows up quite a bit.

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa! Neat; I'll look for silver among the Barbie Disney stuff.