Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Teresa!

Today is Barbie's Hispanic friend Teresa's birthday/anniversary. This is Teresa's 25th anniversary as a Barbie friend. The Teresa shown today is my favorite Fashion Fever Teresa wearing a Get Real Girl tee shirt and red Barbie shorts. (Yes, at some time Mattel made a pair of red shorts that aren't too scanty or too dowdy. Yay, Mattel.)

I had intended to share the Fashion Fever Teresa fashions that this doll inherited from the other Fashion Fever Teresas, but I could not find her fashions. I'll update this post when I find those clothes.

You can read more about Teresa in this Barbie Wiki and on Vivian's website. Among the notable facts on the former site is that Teresa has a sister - imagine that.


Vanessa said...

Happy birthday, Teresa. This is one of my favorite molds. I have so many Teresa dolls and she is the hardest for me to part with.

Georgia Girl said...

Wow D7ana, thanks for letting us know. Teresa gets left out. I never knew of her birthday. The Teresa face mold is also one of my favorites as well.

Happy Saturday!

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks, Vanessa and Georgia Girl! Teresa thanks you for your kind words. I like the variety of dolls created with this face sculpt, too ;-)

Carrickters said...

How fascinating. I didn't know Teresa was that old although I do remember Barbie having a lot of friends in those books that used to come with the Barbie dolls. I think I still have some, I'll have to go and see if Teresa is there.

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters! Yes, Teresa is older than we'd think, lol. Vivian has a great checklist of Teresas and Hispanic/Latino/Spanish Barbies on her website. Nothing like finding photos and snippets on the dolls in their booklets and on the boxes: happy checking! Thanks for stopping by!

skippercollector said...

Teresa was released in 1988, the year Midge returned. There were two Teresas that year--California and Island Fun. I bought the Island Fun.
Did you know that Teresa has an unofficial last name? It's Rivera, and it was mentioned in the 1999 storybook High Sea Adventure.