Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Re-Introducing Kari Mitchell by M and C Toys

Kari Mitchell profile
An anonymous visitor asked for Kari Mitchell photos. So I include these photos showing my only Kari Mitchell doll wearing a summery Barbie dress. This Kari Mitchell doll shows a SuperStar Barbie influence in her permanently bent arms, her open-mouthed smile, and the deep flat forehead before a retroussé nose. However, her eyes are brown. She has brown or blond hair. And her dimpled chin is more substantial than most Barbie dolls. Black Kari dolls are available, too. They were produced from the same face sculpt as my doll's.

Kari Mitchell raises her permanently bent arms.

Back view of Kari Mitchell dressed in a Barbie outfit.

I wrote a brief article about Kari back in 2009. M&C Toys Centre Ltd. produces her as well as the more articulated Power Team action figures. While Kari Mitchell is not as pose-able as the Power Team guys, she is jointed at her head, her shoulders, and her hips. Her knees are click bend style, and she has a twist waist. She's good quality for a Barbie clone; solid weight, decent hair quality and thickness, and clean plastic parts. (Clean as in no sticky or leaky plastic.) 

Even better though, Kari Mitchell dolls tend to be produced with mini wardrobes. Those more realistic-than-Barbie's clothes can be used for other fashion dolls. Big Lots! sells this doll series on the East Coast; she can also be found online at eBay. One or two Kari Mitchell dolls would provide a different face to your doll collection.


limbe dolls said...

Thanks for featuring Kari Mitchell. I love her face and I purchased dozens of them for their wardrobes. Her hips are slimmer than Barbie's so sometimes other dolls can't squeeze into her pants but her bosom is slightly larger than Barbie's so all of her tops are a comfortable fit.

D7ana said...

Hi Limbe Dolls! My pleasure to feature Kari Mitchell. I like how she differs from Barbie. Thanks for your posts showing her and the request by an anonymous reader who asked for photos of my Kari Mitchell.