Friday, August 2, 2013

Monster High Dance Class Five - Only at Target

They've got rhythm. Just not all together. Or maybe, not to the same tune. I am talking about Target's Exclusive Monster High Dance Class 5-Pack which includes these dolls performing different dance styles:

Rochelle Goyle, rock
Gil Webber, free style (?)
Lagoona Blue, ballet
Robecca Steam, the Robot
Operetta, swing dance

Here is how the set looks with the five dolls showing in a window box - front and back. The back of the box has the cartoon illustrations of the dolls. I would have preferred one or more photographs of the dolls posed for their dance styles.

Interesting. I understand that the Monster High dolls are "about" individuality, but I would have gathered a group under one dance style like tango for a class. Not that I mean to favor any one dance style. Uniting different dance types in a single box seems odd: if they are in a group, shouldn't they be doing the same dance style? If only for a one shot issue.

Something else I find interesting is that Robecca Steam's solo Dance Class doll does tap dancing, but in this five pack, she does the Robot.


Muff said...

Stupid blogger! I typed this long scintillating post about how maybe they were auditioning or perhaps it was a recital and then I said something else awesome and then the blogger captcha ate it!


Anyway - I like them dolls.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Oh, that is sooo aggravating. Happened to me sometimes, too. The richer and more impressive the comment, the greater likelihood that Captcha will gobble it. Grrrr ... Captcha.

Glad you like the dolls. BTW, I think that they cost less in-store than they do online. Just in case you go for the set as such ;-)