Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Source for 12" M&C Power Team Action Figures!

There is a NEW toy store at 1708 Chestnut Street in Center City. Yes! Was I surprised? Yes. Did I go there? Yes. I had to see what they had - just in case.

Oh the name of the store? ToyZam. Their motto: It's Okay to Play! And there was a lot of playing going on at the store. Kids and at least one staff member riding an Ezy Roller, noise-making toy animals sounding off, tormenting of musical instruments, and other "fun" activities. I checked the doll line - nothing outstanding - Disney princesses, Chic Boutique princesses, Monster High dolls, and some playline Barbies. The prices seemed a little high: the 2013 Holiday Barbie costs $49.99. Monster High dolls ranged from $19.99 for the Dead Tired, Dance Class, and Skultimate Roller Maze dolls to $34.99 for the Sweet 1600 and Ghouls Rule dolls.

I'm pleased to see a toy store on Chestnut Street, but I'm not overwhelmed until I came to a wall of green boxes and black boxes. Well now. Green boxes ... yes, you guessed right. The M&C Power Team guys were on the shelves. About eight to ten figures. Price? They are $12.99 a figure. The basic PT guys with some extra accessories thrown into the box. Not enough or big enough accessories to warrant $19.99. Although the $20 sets usually had useful accessories - animals or vehicles, furniture, etc. - so the price bump didn't matter so much. But think: Power Team figures outside of Big Lots! Happy dance time.

Because I know someone will ask: no, they did not have any Black or Asian figures in the store. However, that the store carries the Power Team guys at all, that gives me hope that someday, I might find them there. The "them" I mention are the ethnic guys. Or, let me honest, any race or ethnic playscale male figure whose face pleases me. How can I resist them - they are World Peacekeepers, after all.

So check your East Coast neighborhoods for Toyzam stores. Best of luck finding your Power Team crew.


Eibhlin said...

Oh my God :) Awesome! I'll check my East Coast... Ups... Or maybe not! My East Coast it's Germany :) LOL. There's nothing better than 12 inch Power Team Guys :)
Hugs ;)

Vanessa said...

Well that's great news! Hopefully you will see some ethnic guys show up in the near future.

D7ana said...

Hi Eibhlin and Vanessa!

@Eibhlin - LOL, the East Coast comment made me laugh and remember that "East Coast" can be used outside of the United States and the term can refer to areas NOT including U.S. states facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Glad that you can get the 12 inch Power Team Guys, too.

@Vanessa - I don't have ALL of their ethnic guys, but I do have many so I try not to be greedy. Trying, mind you, lol.

D7ana said...

@Eibhlin - I enjoyed reading your blog about your "Power Team" guys. I left a comment that you probably have a big heart and that you can love the real Power Team guys and the "knockoffs."

Me, I tell everyone that I have a big heart. Power Team figures have one piece of that heart. Hot Toys guys have another piece of her heart. Kens have another piece. G.I. Joes another piece and so on.

But in the song "Ridin That New River Train" the singer opines,

"Honey, you can’t love two, Honey you can’t love two,
You can’t love two and still be true, Honey you can’t love two."


D7ana said...

Oops, please see page 4 of this 7 page pdf for that lyric.

Anonymous said...

pozdrawiam ;-)))

Lindaivette38 said...

Hola, gracias por el dato, espero todos encuentren buenas ofertas.

Muff said...

Great that there is another place to find these guys!

V. said...

Nice, fingers crossed for ethnic guys XD

D7ana said...

Hi Lonely Heart, Lindaivette montes de oca, Muff, and V.!

@Lonely Heart - Wracam swoje pozdrowienia!

@Lindaivette montes de oca - Usted es bienvenido. Espero que los encuentren, también.

@Muff - yes! Heroes for our budgets, the Power Team guys.

@V. - Crossed fingers, yes. Always nice to have variety ;-)

Eibhlin said...

Hello my dear D7ana :)

My text with "East Coast" was very silly! Lol, sorry for that ;) But ... hey... It's not fair! You got East and West coasts, and two Oceans :) When I got only north "coast" and Baltic Sea! Oh well... :P :* Just kidding ;)

I wanna thank you so much for your comment, visit (my blog) and your time! I love your blog! I read your every post! You are so right! I love Power Boys, and Ken Boys and mamy more male dolls - just like YOU! We got something in common! :)

I got a little problem with Power Team figures, there's no official shops in Poland, where I could buy them. All of my PT figures I buy as "used". But that's ok. Most of my figures are... hmn something like "bootlegs"?! With "Action Man" body.

The country song is adorable :)

Much love to you!!!! :)

D7ana said...

Dear Eibhlin - I LOVE silly. I enjoy having fun; if we cannot smile and laugh and play with words in this hobby, why bother? So please do share your humor - we can both laugh and feel light-hearted. There are enough serious matters; let our doll spaces be fun ;-)

I enjoyed reading your blog. I have added you to my blog list. Just need to remember to visit more often ;-D I am glad that you enjoy my blog - thanks for sharing that feeling.

I could feel your affection for your action figures and male dolls. They are lucky to have you as a human.

Yes, "bootleg," "knockoff," and clone are terms that refer to usually cheaper versions of popular action figures. Sometimes these figures are nice; sometimes they are so flimsy, they make me cringe to see plastic wasted like that ;-{

Country songs can be funny. Here is a list of some titles that depend on double entendre and other word play. My Father loved country music. I like some of it - sometimes - and love the titles all the time, lol.

Love and hugs back, new friend ;-)