Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Hi, it's me again.

Yes, I just left a post yesterday. I want to start 2014 out with action so here's a post about blogging and collecting goals. New Year's Resolutions? We can call them that although the ideas have been percolating in the back of my mind since my fifth anniversary date, August 21.

  1. Blog overhaul/update

  2. What features will stay? Which gadgets can I eliminate? I am referring to the side bar links: AddMe, BlogCatalog, Bloggapedia, etc.

  3. Write more posts

  4. Share information about dolls and action figures I have not previously covered here; research more new dolls and action figures; try out tutorials and comment on them.

  5. Improve photo quality

  6. Take more photos so that I can choose the best; be more aware of light; schedule photography practice daily; get a tripod; clear space for setting up photos.

  7. Promote blog more often

  8. Use Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and DAF forums to gain more readers.

  9. Share For Sale/Trade Lists

  10.  Anyone else with hobby-related resolutions? Please share!


    Ms. Leo said...

    ME TOO! Oh, except the social media!

    Cindi Mortensen said...

    All of the above! LOL Plus find and get a full-time paying job. :-)

    Muff said...

    You are going to be busy!

    RoxanneRoxanne said...

    Sounds like you have a plan! I need to do some of these myself. Wishing you much success in 2014!

    Eibhlin said...

    Happy new year 2014!

    I wish you a lot of new dolls & figures in your collection! :) May all your dreams come true!

    You got a good plan so you gonna need more strenght, determination, faith... But I believe in you! And i wish you good luck!


    Roville said...

    Good goals, but anything that requires a "daily" commitment sounds difficult to me. Personally, I think your blog is excellent as is, but it's your satisfaction that is important, so much luck with your goals, and the best wishes for a happy healthy new year to you.

    Heather said...

    These are great resolutions... I've made some too, so here's hoping we can both stick to our guns! XD

    D7ana said...

    Hi and thanks for commenting Ms. Leo, Cindi Mortensen, Muff, Roxanne, Eibhlin, Robin, and Heather!

    @Ms. Leo - oh, but social media can be fun, lol.

    @Cindi - ohhhh ... thud. Thanks for the reminder about the full-time job ;-{ No, I'll have to wedge these activities around that central goal.

    @Muff - I try to aim high so that when I get something done, I can go Snoopy happy that something was achieved.

    @Roxanne - Plan? Oh, yes, will need one of those ... Maybe we can work out a group effort - tweeting and recommending each other's posts. Best for you, too, in 2014 and Beyond as Buzz Lightyear said.

    @Eibhlin - Happy New Year 2014, to you, too. Actually, I need to sell a slew of dolls - not sure how many exactly just yet, but some are on the list for sale. Because I have some newcomers that want in and space will be costly soon ;-{. Glad that you believe it is possible ... need to remind myself that, lol. And I wish you also satisfaction of your most important dreams and the best of luck and happiness.

    @Robin - oh, yes. Daily, hmmm. Did I write that, lol? If I do weekly, that will be something. Thanks for the compliment to my blog - always pleasant to hear that. I'm usually happy with this blog. If it had a larger audience, I might not find it as easy to respond back and to feel *connected* with everyone.

    So the desire for a larger readership isn't really a dream for me; it's more for others looking in. Oh, she has x many followers. Sigh. Thanks for making me see that ;-)

    And the best, happiest, healthiest new year to you, too.

    @Heather - thanks! I see you have/had similar goals. Yes, let's hope we can keep them or some of them ;-D

    Eve*Sparkle said...

    Happy New Year! I like your list. I'm trying to get back into blogging, as I've had a doll blog long ago called My Skimpy Doll Collection. I'm starting anew. Look forward to what you have in store for 2014!

    D7ana said...

    Hi and Happy New Year back, Eve*Sparkle! I'll work to make sure that your visits here are worth doing. Looking forward to your new blog, too.

    lindaivette montes de oca said...

    Excelentes metas, seguro las lograras, un beso.

    Georgia Girl said...

    Happy New Year D7ana!!

    I didn't do a resolution for 2014, but I have projects and goals (sneeky way of not calling them resolutions). Lol! I look forward to following as you accomplish your resolutions.

    D7ana said...

    Thanks Lindaivette and Georgia Girl!

    Gracias, Lindaivette! Espero - no, tengo la intención de alcanzarlos. Abrazo para ti.

    Thanks, Lindaivette! I hope - no, I intend to achieve them. Hug for you.

    Happy New Year, Georgia Girl! I like that projects and goals ... sounds nicer than resolutions, haha.

    Vanessa said...

    Happy New Year! That's a great list. I hope you've already started. If 2014 is anything like 2013, it is going to fly by.

    D7ana said...

    Happy New Year, Vanessa! I have tidied up my sidebar a little. Have to decide if I want to keep the DAF Links and the blog directories ... anyone use those?

    Thanks in advance for any replies ;-)

    ChampagneBarbie said...

    They are some great goals for your blog!
    Ive been reading up more on blogging in my spare time- trying to decide whether to stay on blogger or move to wordpress since the features on blogger seems to be very limited. But both blog hosts have their pros and cons. Sometimes I can spend a few hours just playing around with gadgets but Im still not satisfied! It frustrates me because, the editing photos, and playing around with my blog can take up so much time away from actually taking photos and setting up doll sets, something I originally had only planned on focusing in my doll collecting.

    Wish you luck on your blogging journey this yr!

    D7ana said...

    Hi and thanks, ChampagneBarbie!

    Blogger does offer fewer options than Wordpress, but I've grown comfortable with it in spite of its limitations. Also, I night set up a work-related blog on Wordpress so it might be wiser to keep the blogs on different sites.

    I wish you luck whatever your decision; please remember to post your changed URL if you decide to switch to Wordpress. Dana