Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Paging Mrs. Anderson: Red Ballet Flats

Hello, Mrs. Anderson! I think I've found the source for your red ballet flats.

Disney Princesses Blossom Beauty Mulan by Mattel has a pair like the ones you described in a recent post. They're part of her original outfit. Red soft plastic with a thin ribbon molded on the front of the shoes. They are embossed "CHINA" on the soles. Do you think these are the ones - er, is the one - that you have?

Mulan waves hi.

Here are the red flats.


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Mulan is super cute!
you did quite a bit of a research!

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Thanks for the detective work, I appreciate it. Unfortunately I realized I've been mixing up words - I was thinking of ballet FLATS! I.e. the ones that look like most Skipper shoes... (Insert embarrased emoticon here.)

At least now we know there exists a pair of red ballet slippers, in case someone needs them. :)

Muff said...

I found this dolls face today! I have the lighter face of the one in the photo, but the one I found today has a more fleshy colored tone so she'll be easier to get a body for.

D7ana said...

Billa's Dolls and fashions, Anderson's All-Purpose, and Muff!

@Billa and Mrs. Anderson - Actually, I did little detective work. Mulan is one of many dolls laying around. Her red "slippers" caught my eye. I checked my Excel Mattel doll spreadsheet to see which Mulan she was - bada bing, just photographed her and uploaded the reduced size photo ;-)

@Muff - congrats on finding your second Mulan! I think there is an articulated Mulan who came with a horse. I might get that one some day. Might ;-)

Ms. Leo said...

The shoes on doll are the first things to go. I found a pair of pink Barbie shoes in the snow the other day. Flat shoes are the hardest to find.

D7ana said...

Hi Ms. Leo! Yes, shoes are first to go, lol. Lucky you finding some in the snow.