Friday, May 8, 2015

Cinco De Mayo: A Brief List of Mexican Dolls and Action Figures

Mattel Rebelde Mia, YBU Group Mixis Rosa, and Disney Camp Rock Mitchie Torres
Three Mexican Señoritas

Mattel Rebelde Mía Colucci, YNU Group Mixis Rosa Dominguez Katz, and Disney Camp Rock Mitchie Torres hope you had a happy Cinco De Mayo.

I did not notice any doll-related Cinquo de Mayo posts from Tuesday so I thought I would share this list ... please share if you know any I have missed. Thanks in advance!

Mattel's Mexican dolls

2014 Dolls of the World Collection - Mexico
2012 Dolls of the World — North America - Mexico
2008 Rebelde Miguel Arango
2008 Rebelde Diego Bustamante
2008 Rebelde Mía Colucci
2008 Rebelde Lupita Fernandez
2008 Rebelde Giovanni Méndez
2008 Rebelde Roberta Pardo

2006 Dolls of the World — Festivals of the World - Cinco De Mayo Barbie
2004 Dolls of the World — The Princess Collection - Princess of Ancient Mexico Barbie
2003 Toys R Us Friends of the World Kelly Mexico
2000 Quinceañera 15th birthday Barbie
1998 Generation Girl Ana Suarez
1996 Dolls of the World — North America Mexican Barbie 2nd Edition

1994 Toys R Us Quinceañera 15th birthday Teresa 
1989 Dolls of the World — North America Mexican Barbie 1st Edition

Mexican Dolls and Action Figures by Other Manufacturers

2005 Toy Biz Susan Storm aka the Invisible Woman (Jessica Alba)
2008 Disney Camp Rock Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato)
1996 Arm Enterprise Selena (Quintanilla)


LaDonna said...

Good looking girls, I like them

Smaller Places said...

Very thorough and helpful!

I was preparing to go visit the 'rents and frantically cleaning, which tends to distract from holidays.

Inka said...

ha! jestem szczęśliwą posiadaczką ciemnowłosej pięknotki z grzyweczką - a pannicę w środku też bym chętnie przygarnęła, bo cudna jest ♥

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Rosa has such a beautiful face!
I simply LOVE Mexico, but in my little europecentric world the 5th of may was just the day Napoleon died....this is the thing I like most about internet, it opens a lot of windows!

Ms. Leo said...

I didn't know those dolls were Mexican. I guess I never real know doll background on many dolls.

D7ana said...

Hi Ladonna Russell, Smaller Places, Inka, Billa's dolls and fashions, and Ms. Leo!

@Ladonna Russell - Thanks! Glad you like them ;-)

@Smaller Places - Glad you found this post helpful. This is my first "real" Cinquo de Mayo post so I'm not complaining about the absence of related posts. More like, oops, hey, I can fill that subject gap ;-)

@Inka - Witam i gratuluję czarnowłosa lalka. Czy masz zdjęcia do jej on-line? Proszę podzielić się link;-)

Hi and congratulations on your dark-haired doll. Do you have photos of her online? Please share the link ;-)

@Billa's dolls and fashions - I agree - Rosa is lovely.

LOL, the Internet does broaden our knowledge - I never knew when Napoleon died. We learn something new every day ;-)

@Ms. Leo - The Mattel Rebelde dolls are from the Mexican soap opera, Rosa's Hispanic family is from Mexico, and Jessica Alba as well as Demi Lovato and Selena have Mexican ancestry.

The Marvel character, Sue Storm, has no specified Mexican heritage so I did not include the Mattel Invisible Woman doll. The Toy Biz figure looks very like Jessica Alba. Pity she has molded on clothes though ;-P

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if Disney actrss Selena Gomez qualifies as mexican?

Muff said...

I have that Camp Rock doll. A lady at the doll show said that her face reminds her of Jane Seymour. Hmmm. I could see it, but only if she was dressed up like Dr. Quinn.

Jewell said...

These posts are always so informative, if not a little dangerous for my doll budget! I just finished browsing eBay for the Quinceanera Teresa doll. When trying to decide which Fifth Harmony dolls to buy, I learned that Ally Brooke is of Mexican descent. She was born in Texas, though so probably not the best fit for your list. But Prettie Girls Valencia Cruz is from Mexico City, Mexico and I don't remember seeing her listed.

D7ana said...

Hi Anonymous, Muff, and Jewell!

@Anonymous - Yes, Selena Gomez can be added to this list. mentions that her father is "of Mexican descent." Thanks for sharing; I will add her name.

@Muff - Jane Seymour? The smile and the width of her mouth, perhaps. I think Jane Seymour has a longer face though ... hmmm.

@Jewell - Glad you find new info in these posts ;-)

Thanks for sharing Ally Brooke and Prettie Girls Valencia Cruz. I will add them to the list.

I LOVE to see your growing collection ;-)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Pretty sure I still have my Princess of Ancient Mexico doll. Her hair is unusual; it's kind of like string.

I have several Teresas, including one I know to be Mexican based on what she is dressed in, but I forget which specific one she is. I love the Teresa face mold in all its many incarnations.

D7ana said...

Hi Barb! I almost missed this comment - ack! I have that doll, too. I haven't noticed her hair - I was thinking of selling her so I kept her unopened. Guess it wouldn't hurt "to peep."

I like the Teresa face mold, too. I have several dolls with that face.

manikani2d said...

Rosa the doll in the middle is beautiful. What an interesting collection!

D7ana said...

Hi, manikani2d! I agree that Rosa is a beautiful doll. She is a Mixis doll by YNU Group, Inc. I've written a lot about the Mixis dolls in this blog and for an eBay guide.

Glad you enjoyed seeing my collection. I enjoyed seeing yours, too ;-)