Sunday, January 4, 2009

Esther, Lindsay, and Noah in Photographs

Here are photos of the first January 2009 dolls, Esther, Lindsay, and Noah:

The Biblical figures have inset eyes. Their heads are larger and their bodies are broader than most of my figures. When/if I debox them, I will be able to see if they fit in with the others.


E. A said...

Hmmm, I notice that both the men and the women in the Biblical figs series have the same type of neck connector, which might make head-swapping difficult. Too bad because Esther looks like a good androgynous male character.

D7ana said...

Yes, the ToG Esther looks androgynous to me, too. Rather handsome if you don't mind that one eye is a little larger than the other. (I thought odd eyes only happened with paint jobs. Shrug.)

I missed out on getting Mary who I thought was the prettier of the two - well, from what I could see in the KB Toys online page. Eh well, Lindsay Lohen was intended to ride with Esther and Noah.