Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lady' Mission Slim Body B aka Kelly Jackson Pics

DirtyDawg from Men With Dolls asked about photos of my new Lady's Mission Slim Body figure from Aoshima/Skynet. Here are a few that Kelly graciously allowed.

Intoducing Lady's Mission Slim Body B aka No. 4 aka Kelly Jackson!

Getting Kelly's "good side."

Kelly prepares to unleash a front thrust kick.

Hair woes ... cut it?


ModernWizard said...

Give her a bob!

D7ana said...

I love her rich coppery hair, but it might look better trimmed or cut. Her hair seems to have several layers. Think "flyaway." It is part straight, part crimped.

Perhaps I'll have the resident beautician "cut" Kelly's hair.

Andrea (an42) on the Men With Dolls board shows a photo of a Lady's Mission Kelly with a trim. (See for those not familar with the MWD board.)

Thanks for the suggestion. Bob, considering a bob for Kelly.