Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Terrority - and Bollywood Dolls

I have discovered .

No, I am not claiming I found land or created a website. I realized that I as an
American could purchase some items from .


Okay perhaps every other doll and action figure collector has made this discovery a long time ago. This is great news to me though because now I can get more dolls than I used to. Some things not available here like 12" Bollywood dolls ... now, I MIGHT be able to get them. Might. All dolls and action figures and other items presumably are NOT available. Licensing conflicts. Sigh. But oh the figures I can get.

The Bollywood Legends dolls are by Spinmaster. I see four dolls on through a store called "Fairy Dust Dolls Ltd." The ones I will be getting are Mr. Hrithik Roshan, Ms. Kajol, and Ms. Priyanka Chopra. The fourth doll is named Shah Rukh Khan (male). Photos will be posted after the dolls arrive.

So ... dolls from Japan, from Taiwan, from Canada, and now ... the United Kingdom.

Here is a link for those willing to view new temptations:


Unknown said...

Hi, Have you ordered using yet? Also you can find some cool tips from the OSW site too! Also a Phillycollector.

D7ana said...

Hi Gilbert!

Wow, I did NOT know I could order from ! I'll have to try that.

I have visited the OSW online forum -- "One-Sixth Warriors" at and read terrific reviews there. I think that they are on the same system as "Men With Dolls."

Lastly, HELLO, Other Philly Collector! I hope you are able to get to some of the local sales I mention. If not, it's still enjoyable to read that I am not the only Philly 1:6 scale Collector.

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

D7ana, Hi again! There is a place out in Lancaster,PA,called Crackelberry Farms,it's something like Pennsauken Mart,basically everything under one roof.But there is one room full of G.I.Joe's and some Barbie's from the 60's,70's,& up to modern DML's &BBi's.Plus there is the rest of the building.Well it's nice hearing from another collector in the same city.Too bad Small Blue Planet closed up! That place was like cra-k den for a plastic addicts,my wallet would automatically jump into Anthony hands ...LOL!!! Have a good one!!!

D7ana said...

Crackelberry Farms sounds worth the trip outside the city. I'll keep that in mind this Spring.

Small Blue Planet was a treasure trove. I got my I-Girls from them. I only went there once. It was better than Toys R Us, better than Walmarts, better than K B Toys. They sold 12" nude figures, clothes and accessories, 1:6 scale vehicles, Ertl sports figures as well as Integrity Candi dolls, Lanard I-Girls, some Mattel/Barbies, and the coveted Cy Girls. Sigh.

Thanks for that pleasant memory. You have a great day!

Niel said...

Wow! You're like a hunter.

Thanks for sharing all the territories you have explored (and the comment on my blog). :)

D7ana said...

Thanks, Niel! Yes, I enjoy doll and action figure hunting. Don't know whether the search or the capture is better ;-D

I enjoyed seeing your doll improvements and your doll cartoons on your blog, One Sixth Sense,

Could I add your blog to a Blogs of Interest feature to be added to my blog? (I'll send this query to your blog as well.) Thanks for your comments, too!