Sunday, February 8, 2009

Black History Month - DAFs Photo Round Four

A few more themed photos:

Workin' Out Christie

The Hadleys, Reverend Isaiah Ezekiel and Maud Mavis

Radiant Rose Barbie


ModernWizard said...

Wow that Christie is in some bright workout gear. Historically appropriate, though. :D

Do you have any G5 dolls? If so, can you post pictures? I'm interested to see their sculpts as compared to Barbies, but I can't find any good pics online.

Also, have you read this 10-year-old, local-to-you article about their development?

On the subject of Mixis [because you are a Mixis fan!], it looks like their pants at least fit CGs. I can't wait till those outfit sets come out because then I might get my hands on some well-made clothes.

D7ana said...

I think that that Christie's workout outfit is the brightest one I have for ANY of the other dolls. No others in chartreuse.

Yes, I have four of the five G5 dolls. Fiona, Gia, Isabella, and Vanessa. I just need Eva to complete the set. I'll post some close-up photos here.

Thanks for sending the link to the G5 article: that is the article that alerted me to the existence of the G5 dolls. There was a G5 website,, where the dolls could be ordered.

As for the Mixis dolls, the denim pieces and the dresses are good while the footwear and bags are excellent. Some of the new outfits are available at the Mixis website, . The prices are higher than Barbie general wear, but well below Fashion Royalty outfits. Oh and yes, I am a fan of the Mixis series ;-D