Saturday, March 21, 2009

Customizing Projects - Improving DAF Aesthetics

In addition to repairs needed - and the mentioned Joe and Roxy are just the most prominent ones - I have some customizing projects.

1. Find a washer that will allow me to keep Mattel Flavas P Bo's head on the Bbi Johanna Dark body. I thought that the head for Flavas P Bo was too big for her body. I had a Johanna Dark figure whose head didn't thrill me. While the Johanna Dark body is a little sallow for a perfect complexion match, P Bo's head fits that body much better than she did on her original body.

2. Find replacement bodies for the twin sisters from the 12 Dancing Princesses, Hadley and Isla. Their heads are way too big for their bodies.

3. Repaint the Babysitter Courtney head that I have on a poser My Scene Barbie body. Another case of big head on a small body. I'm thinking of cutting her hair, too.

Customizing dolls and action figures is fun, but even more, you can adjust the figure to reflect your taste and interests. I might create a new photo folder at Webshots to show my customized dolls and action figures. If I do, I'll send notice here.

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