Sunday, April 5, 2009

Candi Photos in New Webshots Folder

I've got photographs of two Candi dolls in a new Webshots folder. You can see them here at Candi photos. I have a few other Candi dolls that I will add to the folder in the future.


ModernWizard said...

It's tough getting good pictures with a simple camera, especially if you want close-ups.

But this example appears to be pretty good in terms of focus and distance from the camera. If you can duplicate that, your close-ups will be crisper!

Candi is a Mikelman?

D7ana said...

Thanks, MW.

I got that photo by using the highest magnification setting on my Kodak EasyShare CX7300 - 3.0 - and then using the Zoom feature in the Kodak software on the uploaded photo. I'll use the Zoom setting more often.

Mikelman and Helene Hamilton collaborated on Candis from late 1996-roughly 1998 per Anja Drewitz, a Candi collector. Her website is the best online source for 1990's Candi information that I know of still accessible.

The only Hamilton-Mikelman Candi I have is the 1996 Basic African American Candi Girl wearing the red knit mini dress. The dolls shown in my Candi Webshots photos are the Hamilton/Integrity/Jason Wu Candis.