Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vinnie, Taboo, Kana, and Kat of East Philly

Left: Vinnie and Taboo standing; Kana and Kat kneeling.
Right: Vinnie, Kana, and Taboo standing while Kat sits.

Welcome from some citizens of East Philly.

Vinnie and Taboo decided to share an apartment when they arrived in East Philly. Some Kens and some Joes said that the new guys were gay; Vinnie and Taboo denied being more than rooom mates. Vinnie works in construction, cooks Italian classics, and knits (shhh ... only when he feels stressed). Taboo is a car mechanic who used to work with Michael Chan. Taboo does not discuss what he did when working with Mr. Chan.

Chestnut-haired Kana and brunette Kat are sisters. Kana petitioned Vinnie and Taboo to act as their parents so that the girls would not have to live in the local orphanage. Vinnie and Taboo agreed; the guys wanted witnesses to them being "straight." The four moved to a house next door to Baptist minister, Reverend Isaiah Ezekiel Hadley and his family.


E. A said...

>>Taboo does not discuss what he did when working with Mr. Chan.

Well, now inquiring minds want to know!!!

The portraits are coming out well, nicely focused. Whatever your focus parameters, they are working well.

The Volks WTG faces are neat.

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D7ana said...

Thanks! If I ever get around to putting up and out the East Philly stories, some of what Taboo did will be uncovered. For inquiring minds ;-D

I noticed with these photos something that another collector, Valerie I think, mentioned about different types of doll screening. The WTG dolls have cartoony faces while Bbi Vinnie and Dragon Taboo have realistic faces. But I don't mind the disconnect (?) because they belong together. They are a family.