Friday, June 26, 2009

Emigration Assistance Requested - Selling Time

The time has come for me to review my collection and to sell or donate some of my dolls and action figures. I have gone back and forth on this matter: one day, I think, clear the deck. The next, I think, wait, I could never recover this one.

Sure, I am deboxing accessories - outfits and vehicles - but I have to break down the dolls and action figures, too. Debox most and sell some. One part space issues and the other part finances. So I've got photos of some Mattel Fashion Fever dolls, nude and NRFB, and some other dolls and action figures at this web site:

TheDollPage Sales

Here's a photograph of a lot of dolls I am selling for $30

8 Nude Dolls

Postage is NOT included. I have an eBay rank of 65, and I have bought/sold from or to other collectors on various Yahoo Groups. Queries regarding availability of items can be sent to me at d7cooper at Please put DAF Sale in the title of your message.


Dolls of Color said...

Hey Dana, are you on the Doll Cafe forums?

If not, this forum basically began as a fan base for Fashion Fever dolls - you'll find lots of interested buyers here!

D7ana said...

Thanks for the reminder, Therese! I was on the old Fashion Fever board but I let my account lapse after I joined the Doll Cafe. So I registered again today.

Dolls of Color said...

I've already posted a sales topic for your dolls there already ;) I go by the name of Therese there... because I'm like really creative (NOT!)

D7ana said...

Thanks for putting up a sales notice for me at the Doll Cafe, Therese. I'll be adding more to the Doll Page slbum. New homes for some.