Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009 Year End - 2010 Barbie Photos at Angelic Dreamz

Angelic Dreamz has photos and pre-order information regarding the new Dolls of the World, Italian Barbie and Russian Barbie.

Italian Barbie seems to have the Drew face mold; she's very pretty, and her outfit is more sophisticated than I had expected. Thumbs up - the white blouse, the black and white print skirt. I might get her although I am tired of the Drew head mold.

Russian Barbie has the Mackie face mold. Sigh. Her face screening looks nice, but I am even more tired of the Mackie face mold than I am of the Drew mold. Kudos for the outfit - I prefer the long navy greatcoat.

There are plenty of dolls for me to be eager about. I'm glad that these two are allowing me a break.


Niel Camhalla said...

I have to agree with the head mold plus the Drew headmold seems too big in the photo. Why can't they reuse the head mold for the 1st Italian Barbie?

I was also thinking couldn't they just sell something like "costumes of the world" without the doll? I bet us doll enthusiasts could pick a better doll for the dress.

Dolls of Color said...

Hey, I've been missing your comments on my blog... there is also gonna be a Halle Berry doll from James Bond - why is she special... firstly she wears an ORANGE bikini lol... NEW FACE MOLD (I think...don't quote me!)

Niel - costumes of the world sounds great! Then we can choose the doll we think is most appropriate for the outfit ourselves! I've been reading that a lot of people want the old Teresa face for this doll...

D7ana said...

A new doll with the first Italian Barbie head mold would have been exciting; they hadn't overused that face.

"Costumes of the World" sounds great to me. Mattel probably wouldn't do that line because doll enthusiasts could use the outfits with other dolls. LOL

YNU Group, Inc. offers the Mixis Culturally Inspired Clothing line that merges historical, traditional, and current fashion trends. I don't have any of those fashions now, but there are a few I would add to my collection.

D7ana said...

Therese, you know how little it takes to get me chattering in comments - big grin. I'll have to clutter up your posts with my long, windy comments LOL.

Thanks for the news about a Halle Berry doll for the Bond series. Mattel Bond? New face mold ... oh, now they might get me there. The Sideshow Halle Berry didn't appeal to me. The Halle Catwoman doll by Mattel also didn't appeal to me. Let's see if the third time (doll) is the charm.

Dolls of Color said...

I love reading your "chatter"! So please fill up anywhere with it, here, there... Niel's blog... Nicole's blog hehe